Features of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the important cloud carriers. The handiest reason they’re on the top level of the cloud enterprise is because of their high-quality features and offerings.

Very easy to install your applications on the cloud

If you are a .Net developer and you’re the usage of visible Studio, you may simply right click on your challenge record in the IDE and put up it to the cloud.

With Azure, you’re only some clicks away from launching your software at the cloud

Low cost

Azure gives a Pay-as-you-pass pricing model which allows an enterprise to decrease its prices through the simplest paying for what they use.

You most effective need to pay for the active services. If you have 10 services which might be stopped and one strolling, you handiest should pay for that one provider.


Azure affords the infrastructure and platform to run your utility securely

Additionally, Azure offers a multi-issue authentication in its app services which makes the authorization and authentication extra secure

You don’t need to maintain the infrastructure

Microsoft Azure takes the complete duty in preserving the hardware which you have rented to run your application

You only should install the software safely, after that Azure deploys it into the servers, keep the servers strolling, keeps the servers while it is faulty, and upgrades the hardware for you.

Autoscaling & High Availability

In case you need greater servers in your software due to its site visitors boom on some days, you could provide positive guidelines of scaling up or down. MS Azure will scale up or down in line with the guidelines you have got referred to.

IDE integration

You may download Azure SDKs on IDEs like visible Studio and Xcode, and this facilitates the developer to concentrate greater on developing an exceptional application in preference to other aspects like deploying and strolling at the cloud.


Save money by combining applications

Azure’s App services can help you combine applications and run them on the same hardware to lessen costs.

If you are a developer and want to set up your programs at the cloud, you can truly pick Azure. No longer simplest they offer loads of capabilities which can be developer-friendly, however, they also have a whole lot of advantages.


Their highest precedence is to offer a secure and secure cloud experience. They provide legal statistics to get admission to and also multi-issue authentication to forestall misuse.


A structures functionality to scale up or down consistent with the website site visitors is scalability. Azure offers scalability for its users and its miles automatic.


Flexibility is a bit exceptional from scalability. You could create or personalize your service as in keeping with your desires. Additionally, you may add or get rid of hardware every time you need and pay for best what you use.

Hybrid capability

Azure provides the Hybrid computing capability to its customers. Hybrid computing is a mixture of a private and public cloud.

Hybrid cloud is used by fortune 500 companies because they need mission-crucial information in a private cloud and loose packages on the general public cloud.

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