Feeling Like Buying A New Pair Of High Heels? Read This First

High heels are a wardrobe classic. Boardroom meetings or crazy night outs with the girls, there are high heels that fit every occasion. You can pair them with jeans, skirts, and dresses. 


High heels that make you uncomfortable after wearing them for a few minutes are not the right fit, no matter how pretty they looked in the display window or how much discount the store was offering. Why choose excruciating pain? Be like Cinderella, and let the right shoe do wonders for you.

So, ladies, whether you are shopping for leather sandals for women (heeled) or high heel boots, you should always prioritize comfort. Style will follow! 

How do you choose the right pair of beauties for your feet when you are on your next footwear shopping spree? Live by these tips, and you will come home with amazing picks:

1. Right Size for the Win

Unless you know the brand size for your feet, do not purchase shoes without trying them on first, whether you are looking for sparkly stilettoes or walking leather sandals for women.   

Go for a snug fit. Your feet should not feel cramped, nor should they be loose, because that will prevent you from maintaining balance. A snug fit will hold your feet firmly in place.

Shoes must also have adequate space for your toes. Cramped toes will result in pain. Avoid narrow toe boxes as they will squeeze your toes, causing pain and discomfort.

2. Walk Around in the Shoes 

You loved a pair of high heels. You tried them on. They felt like a perfect fit. What do you do next? 

Ask for the bill? 

Walk in the heels around the store for a few minutes to check how they feel. If they are uncomfortable in any way, they may not be the right choice. For example, if you feel the back of the footwear rubbing against your heels while walking, it might be an indicator that they will give you blisters in real life.

3. Material Matters 

Invest in premium leather heels or leather sandals for women, and your feet will be grateful in the long run. 

Heels manufactured from leather or suede tend to be more supple and adjust to the shape of your feet easily. They will also last longer, so you can flaunt them for years to come.

4. Heel Placement and Thickness 

Always check the placement of heels before buying high heels. Ideally, they should be placed such that they are exactly under your own heels when you wear the footwear. 

Thickness also matters as thicker heels provide greater support. When your weight is distributed across the entire foot, you will feel more comfortable while walking. It also reduces the risk of ankle sprains.

Platform heels are, therefore, great options. 

5. Mind the Heel Height 

Are you a kitten heel kind of person or cannot get enough of those stilettoes? 

Shopping for flat leather sandals for women is an easier task in comparison to shopping for high heels. When you are browsing high heels, you don’t just have to look at the style and material, but also the heel height. 

It is best to skip heels that are over 4” as they will put unnecessary tension on your ankles, knees, and lower back. 

6. Break in New Heels at Home 

Before stepping out in those gorgeous new high heels, practice walking in them at home. 

So, after you have wrapped up work for the day, take off your walking leather sandals for women, put on the new pair of heels, and walk around your living space for an hour or so.

Wrapping up 

High heels make you feel empowered and confident, but that does not have to come at the cost of comfort. 

Do your feet a favor, and invest in good quality high heels that neither compromise on fashion sense nor comfort. For a wide collection of premium leather sandals and high heels, check out Shoe Sale Shop.com. Variety and quality, you will get both!

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