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Tips to Take Care of Teacup Puppies


A dog is a best friend of a man. It is absolutely true. And this is a fact in the case of a teacup puppy. People are more emotionally involved to a teacup dog because of their absolutely tiny size. People can play, coddle, pamper, hold, sleep and even dress up a teacup puppy.

It is very important to take care of these tiny, little teacups. As an owner or an adopter of these tiny teacups, it is a great responsibility. The things which are absolutely needed to take good care of the teacups are as follows:

  • High-quality small-breed puppy kibble
    • Cesar puppy food
    • Meat-based baby food
    • Yogurt
    • Dyne or karo syrup
    • Nutri-cal

As a first step, it is important to feed the tiny teacup about ¼ cup up to ½ cup of top quality small-breed kibble. This is available for puppies. Brands like Royal Canin or Eukanuba is good. This should be given to the pup throughout the day. Some experts also suggest that besides giving the kibble, the pups should be provided with a varying diet of added nutritional ingredients about four to five times in a day. Examples of these extra diet are like a small amount of Cesar puppy food, second-stage meat-based baby food mixed with about 1 cc of honey or dyne. They can also be fed about ¼ teaspoon of yogurt.

The second step is providing the teacup with supplement of high-energy. For instance, Nutri-cal. It is to be given four to five times a day

The third step includes monitoring the puppy whether it is getting proper and enough of sleep. As told by the experts, a teacup should sleep for 4 hours in a day and should sleep for ten to twelve hours during the night hours.

As the fourth step, in order that the dog does not get hypoglycemia because of stress in the very first two weeks of bringing it home, put in two teaspoons of karo syrup in the water of the puppy. As because the puppy has to adjust itself to a completely new environment, the first two weeks are very much stressful.

The fifth step of taking care of your puppy is having great supervision on your teacup and keeping the puppy away from playing with bigger dogs as well as infants. If they are allowed to play, they can hurt their soft and delicate body.

The last step is to consult the vet about the schedule of vaccination of the puppy so that the teacup is immunized properly from the dog diseases.

Teacup puppies need love and care, and give the same back to their owner!

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