Female condoms- Learning more about them

There are several ways to use condoms for women and these may also be deemed effective in several scenarios. These condoms are mostly effective at least 95% of the time, as per several studies and reports. They safeguard you against any sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. The best condoms for women have to be positioned within the vagina prior to coming into contact with the penis. Make sure that you always buy condoms with CE marks or BSI Kitemarks on packets. This indicates testing done up to considerably higher standards. Female condoms may be pushed into the vagina while having sex although they can be removed quite easily in case something like this takes place. They may not always be ideal for women who are not comfortable with touching their vaginal area and must not be reused by all means. New ones have to be used every time a woman has sex.

The best condoms to prevent pregnancy work through the contraceptive barrier method within the vagina. This means that they combat pregnancy by stopping the meeting of the sperm with the egg. If they are used properly, then they can help in stopping pregnancy and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) successfully. You should first open your packet and remove the condom with care since you should not mistakenly tear it off. Do not use your teeth to open the packet of condoms. Gently squeeze the small ring at the condom’s closed edge and insert it within the vagina. Ensure that the big ring at the condom’s open end covers the area around the vaginal opening. Ensure that the penis enters into the female condom and not between the side of the vagina and condom.

Post having sex, the condom has to be instantly removed by gently pulling it away and the large ring may be twisted for preventing any leakage of semen. The condom should be disposed in the garbage bin and not the toilet. Some condoms may be pre-lubricated for ensuring greater ease of use although additional lubricant may be preferred by you at times. These condoms may be used safely by almost all women and they may be used immediately post having a baby, an abortion or even a miscarriage. Some of the chief advantages include protection of both partners from HIV and other potential infections along with being a contraceptive method that is only used while having sex. One big advantage is that there are no side effects in a manner of speaking.

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