Few Bunk Bed Ideas That Can Help You Create Cosy Room

Do you have two or more kids in your family? Have they outgrown their tiny beds and need a space of their own? If yes, you have come to the right article. We understand that when kids grow up, they need a bigger bed and a room. But not every time it is possible to have a large room with a lot of space. Then how do you optimize the existing room so that it can fit all your kids? The short answer is by installing childrens bunk beds that will save a lot of space and help you fit all your kids in one single room.

Now before you go any buy bunk beds, here a few ideas on how you can install bunk beds in different styles.

· Four bunk beds with central stairs: If you have 3-4 kids, then you can install four bunk beds with central shared stairs. These beds are usually custom-built and have individual overhead lighting. These will save a lot of space in the room.

· Trilevel bunk beds: If you have three kids, then having trilevel bunk beds are the best option. Instead of having three bunk beds one above the other, you can have the middle bunk slightly on the side. This gives adequate headspace to each kid. Moreover, the space under the middle bed and the lower bed can be used as storage space.

· Multifunctional bunk beds: If the room is too small and can’t fit a study table, bookshelf and beds together, then you must get a multifunctional bunk bed. These beds have a built-in bookshelf and study table along with storage space.

And leading manufacturer namely, Fitting Furniture can help you achieve these bunk bed design ideas.

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