Few Popular Art Themes Found in Hotels and Restaurants

Are you an interior designer? Have you just taken your first commercial assignment of decorating the interiors of a hotel in your region? If so, you will agree that working for home interior for years and suddenly taking up a commercial project can be daunting. But you need to expand your horizons. Now, we certainly don’t need to tell you about interior design and its basics. You might know everything! But do you what are the most popular art themes that most hotels prefer?

Every hotel not only focuses on excellent hospitality but also creating an amazing ambiance. You might see Kandinsky reproduction painting or a Van Gogh painting in a hotel room that is meant to give the guests a warm and cozy feeling. You do know that art can relax your mind and release your stress, right? So, when designing the interiors of a hotel, make sure that you include paintings in the décor too.

There are few popular art themes that most hotels prefer. Here is a list for your reference.

  • Landscapes: Hotel rooms usually have paintings with the theme of landscapes such as rivers, gardens, meadows, mountains, valleys, and such. So, include this theme in the décor.
  • Abstract Paintings: Such paintings are proven to evoke the emotions of happiness, creativity, relaxation. Having them in the hotel would be a good addition to create a relaxing ambiance.
  • Animals: This is another popular art theme where you can find paintings of dogs, cats, birds, and other animals.
  • Beach, Seascapes, and Harbors: You can also include reproduction paintings for this theme. These paintings provide a feeling of calm and peace.

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