Few things you must know before buying flower jewelry

You might have heard your elders gushing about the diamond and gold jewelry that they wore on their marriages. However, women these days prefer the personal style and statement more over what’s expected from them. You can easily spot the deviation from heavy gold or diamond jewelry and red lehengas while they coolly sport easy on the eye color palette and floral jewelry which is more comfortable and go with the flow.

No doubt, flowers are an integral part of any kind of occasion. Flower jewellery for bride was also in a tradition while ago which is now in trend again, all thanks to Bollywood.

If you are getting married, going in any function or it’s a baby shower, here are some of the things that you should know before you finally decide to invest in them.

1-The making of the jewelry needs time

Like any other jewelry, it is essential to give the designer as well as florist some time to prepare flower jewellery, especially when the bride is wearing it. The florist will ask you for the time to get the flowers that match with your dress and the design approval with you. It is better to give an order at least a month before in advance so that nothing goes wrong in the end.

2-Many choices are available

Bridal jewellery isn’t only limited to tuberose, rose or gajras. If you are dealing with something as vibrant and vivid like flowers, you have various options to do experiment and creativity with. It can also be customized as per the outfit so that you sparkle like a princess. Be it a day time function or a traditional wedding, flower jewelry for mehndi becomes your savior.

3-It doesn’t cost much

This type of jewelry is eco-friendly and you don’t have to pay through your nose to afford it. Flower jewelry online is incredibly affordable if talk about value for money, freshness and it also brings beauty on board.

4-It stays fresh full of fragrance

Floral jewelry for haldi can stay fresh and fragrant for the entire occasion. So you don’t need to worry about the wilted flowers around your neck or on your head looking creepy because if anyone has to look gorgeous on her big day, it has to be you.


Floral wedding jewelry can make you look subtle and give you a feminine touch. Ladies, it is the time to bask in the floral hues and fragrance and make the most from it.

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