Few tricks that could help you prevent growing of molds in your bathroom or kitchen

Are you the owner of a house and one of the first places you want to keep your bathroom or kitchen clean? But these two places are greatly subjected to growing molds as both contain dark and moist places. Every kitchen and bathroom accumulates a lot of moisture due to water sprinkling on its walls, which is an ideal place for molds to grow. However, if you want to keep your bathroom and kitchen clean and safe from the attack of molds, certain tricks or preventive measures could help you along the way.

That is why here in this article, we have mentioned a few tricks which could help prevent mold from your bathroom or kitchen.

  • Buying an exhaust fan

One of the first defensive solutions to prevent mold from your bathroom or kitchen would be attaching an exhaust fan in place. The primary function of the vents in the exhaust fan is to suck out the moisture from the air and release it outside. Many categories of exhaust fans are available in the market, and buying the right one is necessary. You could buy a large exhaust fan or get a small and powerful one.

  • Fixing all the leakage problems

The second most important tip to prevent mold from your bathroom or kitchen would be repairing all the leakages. If you would have thought that molds only accumulate through water that comes out of the bathroom or kitchen sink, then you might be wrong on that aspect. A significant problem of molds multiplying in numbers is leaks around your bathroom and kitchen. Hence, identify those places and try to repair them.

  • Open all the windows and doors.

Another way to prevent mold growth in your kitchen or bathroom is to open all the windows and doors. Doing so will reduce dampness and increase air circulation inside and outside the space. The air needs to flow continuously inside the room so that condensation doesn’t occur, which might result in the growth of molds. Additionally, natural light would be able to come through if you decide to open the doors and windows.

  • Use mold-cleaning products

Nowadays, there are lots of products available in the market which you could buy to eliminate all the molds from different places. It might be a little expensive but could also give out excellent results. If you don’t want to buy any products, you can use vinegar available at home, which is considered ideal for annihilating molds.


The bathroom and kitchen are among the most important places around the house, and keeping clean all the time falls under the duty of everyone. After reading the article, you can hopefully use these tricks to prevent molds from growing.

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