The hub acts as a core of the smart home environment where all the devices are combined to deliver safety, comfort, automate home appliances or lighting. Everything just as you want it. The new simplified FIBARO smart home hub is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to start smart home adventure for a reasonable price. Home Center 3 Lite has been designed for example to fit real estate developers’ requirements who want to stand out of the crowd and distinguish their apartments among the growing competition.


Choosing Home Center 3 Lite is a great step towards automating your apartment or homes up to 100 m2. It’s designed to work flawlessly with up to 40 Z-Wave or LAN integrated devices.

FIBARO Home Center 3 released in 2020 has now a younger follow-up version designed to provide users with the best aesthetic experience. Home Center 3 Lite has been enclosed in a plastic case. It is a combination of white top with a unique structure and minimalist black bottom to create a perfect and consistent shape. Thus, the smart home hub keeps low profile with its look. Place it next to your home cinema equipment and enjoy the stylishly add on.


All the effort was to develop a simple and intuitive smart home hub that brings stable automation throughout your entire home. This is a unique value for a much lower price. FIBARO engineers have put all their engagement to design the new Home Center 3 Lite in accordance with users’ habits and requirements. As with the more extended version of the smart home hub (FIBARO Home Center 3) is equipped with built-in antennas and does not require a cable connection to the router. Wi-Fi does the job perfectly. In addition, it includes an intuitive system setup that makes it easy to create first smart home automation. It turns out that simplifying the configuration process was always what users wanted to have.

10 language versions are what makes it even more simple i.e. Polish, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish or Italian. Experience the ease of installation and start using your FIBARO system in no time.

Home Center 3 Lite supports Z-Wave technology to integrate with all the manufacturers using this popular protocol. Z-Wave has created unique compatibility throughout all those years on the market. It is also one of the most secured protocols for smart home environments. As for now, you can integrate a wide range of devices, not only FIBARO branded but also third-party devices. In combination with the BiDi Z-Wave adapter, the Nice gates are automated within our smart home system.


One may say that automation has a lot to do with stable operation and home safety – and guess what… they are right. Encrypted data transmission (both in local and external connections) makes our smart home very secure. At the same time, using strong, high-quality components gives the hub the ability to operate only locally when cloud access is not available. By this means, most of the automation perform well with no cloud access. So there is no risk that the alarm system won’t work when the Internet Service Provider encounters some failures e.g. maintenance of the Internet infrastructure. Users living in new apartments and still waiting for the ISP connection will have access to defined automations locally such as motion detection, water leakage, shutters control, lighting management etc. At the time of connecting the internet by the ISP, the system will become fully operational, including the remote access from any place in the world. Smart Blinds

Extended security elements such as dual system backup within device storage and cloud or technologies that ensure system performance make the device a true stronghold. Using a Cortex A7 processor and 512 MB of RAM, the smart home hub enables extremely fast performance even when it comes to heavy multitasking and operation on up to 40 devices. No other device in this price range on the market can do this. The main goal during FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite development was to create a pure synergy of hardware and software.

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