FIFA 20 is inevitably coming in late 2019

FIFA 20 is inevitably coming in late 2019, and with it will of course be a load of FIFA gameplay changes big and small.Developer EA has opted to announce a pretty large list of those changes early this year, so on this page we’ll round up all the confirmed tweaks so far, as well as the FIFA 20 release date and everything else we know about the game right now.

First up, the FIFA 20 release date. Revealed during EA Play at E3 2019, FIFA 20 is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch (Legacy edition) on September 27, 2019. No huge surprises here then, because previous FIFA games have all released around the same time lof year.If you’re an EA/Origin Access subscriber, you’ll be able to get access to FIFA 20 before anyone else. The exact early access period you’ll be granted isn’t confirmed, but it tends to be about five to seven days. If you pre-order FIFA 20 digitally before release, you’ll also gain access on September 24, three days before the global launch.

In addition to the early access that comes with pre-ordering the Champions and Ultimate Edition, this year’s game will again offer a trial through EA Access and Origin Access. Prior to this year, EA Access was available for Xbox users only. This year, PlayStation owners can subscribe to EA Access as well. Subscribers to the service will get to play the game in full beginning on September 19, which is a full eight days before the official release date.The most significant feature revealed on Saturday was Volta. It’s EA’s new take on the beloved FIFA Street concept. In addition, Cheap FIFA 20 Coins Comfort Trade is on hot sale at our website

To that end, the studio has already committed to another overhaul of timed finishing – last year’s most controversial on-pitch addition, which has already been patched and tweaked repeatedly – and defending, such as a new jockeying system. “The green timing window for timed shots will be reduced from 2-4 frames to two frames for all shots, which will make it harder and require more skill to perform,” EA announced in an official pre-E3 blog post. “Timed shot accuracy will be tuned to result in slightly less precise shots, although green timed shots will still be more accurate than ‘non-timed shots’.”

Those specifics extend to FIFA 20’s new defensive capabilities too. “Planned tackling is a new system that favours manual tackling, by making sure that the defender that tries the tackle does so in a favourable context to your team,” developers Gabriel Zaro and Corey Andress explain. “An improved jockey system will be implemented with more agility and precision, rewarding players that decide to take control of their defenders.”

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