FIFA 21: Most Successful Game 2021

Best book of the year, best song of the year, best online pokies for real money of the year and now it’s official in the games sector too: According to data from GfK Entertainment, FIFA 21 is the best, or rather the most successful game of 2021 in Europe. Even across platforms, both on the PC and on the consoles. Even the huge success of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing couldn’t change that. Across Europe, FIFA 21 was number one among the best-selling games in 16 of the 19 euro countries. Including Germany, of course, where the game series has been the absolute guarantee of success and sales for EA Sports for decades. In addition to FIFA 21 and Animal Crossing, there are a few other, sometimes even older, games in the charts. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe from 2017 made it to third place, GTA 5, which is even much older, secured fourth place. Only in 5th place follows a current game with Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. But why do the players keep rushing to every part of FIFA, when critics claim every time that the changes compared to the predecessor are only marginal? So what makes FIFA 21 so successful?

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