FIFA 21 vs. Madden 21: What both games can learn from each other

What’s better: FIFA 21 Ultimate Team or Madden 21 Ultimate Team? Both game modes have their advantages! We explain how to improve both game modes using the other game.

Ultimate Team has been inspiring the masses for many years. Not only in FIFA 21, but there is also the game mode, in which you can assemble your Dream Team from all available players. Ultimate Team is also very popular in Madden 21, in which players also need MUT 21 coins for opening packs and buying top-ratedplayers, the American football game of publisher EA Sports.


However, the fact that EA has the same concept in both games with Ultimate Team and that many features and game modes are identical does not mean that there are no differences. There is enough of that! Both Ultimate Team variants would be improved if you simply looked at a few things from each other’s game. FIFA 21 and Madden 21 can learn from each other when it comes to Ultimate Team. How exactly, we explain in this article.

What FIFA 21 can learn from Madden 21

What annoys you most about FIFA 21 Ultimate Team? Probably the ever-increasing Pay2Win factor. But what comes right after that? It may be the regular purchase of contract, fitness and healing cards after just a few games. These cards do not exist in Madden. So you’re much more relaxed and don’t have to use a contract and/or fitness card after every other game.

Power Up Cards – A Gamechanger?

In Madden there are Power Up cards from selected players. As a rule, these cards start with a overall rating of 68. However, training points and the actual cards of this player can significantly improve the rating. Fully expanded with all possible training points and cards of the respective player with Madden coins, the Power Up card is slightly better than the best card of the player (by one rating point).

Especially with favorite players or players you really want to have in your team, this is a cool and rewarding thing. In the following graphic, we showed you what the development of the Power Up map of Red Bull athlete Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams looks like. Goff reached the Super Bowl with the Rams earlier this year, but was defeated by the New England Patriots in February for star quarterback Tom Brady.

Competitive without real money bet

Another advantage of Madden is that it’s easier to get to strong players. First of all, this is because you need a lot more players in football. Due to the three phases of the game (offense, defense, special teams) and the different formations from turn to turn, you have about 30 relevant starting players – and not just eleven as in football. A team with a overall rating of 99 – which you have if you own about 26 players with an overall rating of 99 – is possible for regular players during the Madden season even without using real money.

In FIFA 21, this is certainly feasible, but it involves a lot more effort. Overall, you can say that in Madden you also have the option to purchase card packs with real money. But in football simulation, you can definitely compete better without real money investments than in FIFA 21.

More Special Events

EA offers Madden Ultimate Team players more special events than the FIFA community. For example, for a few months now, there has been an online House Rules event every week, which lasts 48 hours from Tuesday. The house rules differ week after week (e.g. only two downs instead of four or touchdowns from 21 yards bring more points). These duels are mostly played Head2Head, but in exceptional cases it is also Duo vs. CPU or Duo vs. Duo. Once you’ve achieved a total of ten wins, you’ll receive a one-time Fantasy Pack, matching the current promotion, from which you can select one of three high-end cards. Sounds cool? Is it!

Better Chemistry Boosts

In chemistry, it works differently in Madden than in FIFA 21. In the Madden 21 lineup, players have no fixed links to each other. So the players from the same team don’t have to stand side by side to get the best chemistry. It always counts the overall result of your squad. For example, if you have five players from the same team, they will get a bonus – whether they’re in offense, defense or special teams.

To explain it in the football language, you don’t have to put a striker into the defensive midfield to get links to any team-mates. This makes handling easier and more realistic. Because in Madden NFL 21 all players play in the same league (NFL), there is no bonus for Origin or League. But there are so-called schemes that are most comparable to the chemistry styles in FIFA. Depending on which scheme you give to a player, other stats will be boosted. The more players use the same scheme, the better this boost will be. So it’s worth using a chemistry style multiple times.

More challenges in single-player mode

Madden 21 Ultimate Team has much more to offer for players who want to gamble offline. There are thousands of solo challenges that present you with many different tasks. Sometimes there is only a backlog to catch up or to keep ahead, when else you have to perform exact tasks. Two examples: Pass for 60 yards in a maximum of three plays, shoot a field goal from 50 yards away.

Only by completing the solo challenges is it already possible to build a very good team. If you also regularly play the previously presented House Rules events, you will almost certainly develop a top team with which you can compete against almost all players.

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