FIFA 23 feels like a picture of food on a restaurant

The FIFA series can be incredibly difficult to review. It faces criticism for putting out the same game every year FUT 23 Coins , and while I don’t necessarily think that’s true, trying to pick apart the finer issues of the game does seem to highlight a lot of similarities to last year, and the year before that, and the year before that…

But then, the single biggest problem with FIFA 23 was that crossing didn’t work. In FIFA 23, crossing is back – not so easy that every game features five headers apiece, but no longer a complete waste of time to be avoided. As far as the visuals go, it looks great, with hundreds of lifelike player captures, but it also looks stale, with everything bar Romelu Lukaku’s hairline the same as last year.

FIFA 23 feels like a picture of food on a restaurant menu. It looks nice enough, but it’s missing the smells, the textures, the warmth and the emotion. It’s not food, after all, just a picture of one. And you order the same food because it’s your favourite, and it comes and it’s nice and then it’s gone. Until you go back and order it again. It never looks quite like the picture, but you’re hungry, so you eat it.

As sport franchises go, FIFA is a great football sim. It’s realistic yet puts a huge emphasis on pace and attacking play, it comes with a range of difficulty options  buying FIFA 23 Coins and lots of different game modes, and also runs incredibly smoothly. It’s a brilliant game, and it wouldn’t be this popular if it wasn’t. But if you were to ask me what makes the latest instalment different from last year’s FIFA 23, I’d just shrug and tell you the crossing is better. What this basically means is: you know the one thing that was bad in the last game? Well, that’s not there anymore.

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