Fighting HIV Stigma in Southern USA with the Right Funding Opportunity

As you might already know, HIV/AIDS has been declared an epidemic by the World Health Organization. This implies that there are millions of people who are adversely affected by the disease. As much the physical symptoms threaten the existence of those affected, the social stigma attached to the disease affects the diseased even more. Due to their HIV status, people are discriminated against and marginalized in society. This intense stigma and the resulting discrimination can put barriers for crucial elements needed to tackle the disease such as the treatment, testing, prevention, and support. Therefore, there is an increased need and effort for stigma reduction associated with the disease.

This has been identified by several non-profit and charity organizations that are actively working towards the same. With efficient stigma reduction strategies and activities, these non-profit organizations are striving hard to create a better environment for the affected people. But the biggest challenge for these non-profit organizations is gathering funds to carry out the activities and move forward towards reaching their goals. The main reason behind such a situation is the lack of quality funding opportunities or grants to which these organizations can apply. Most of the funding opportunities present are not specifically targeted towards HIV/AIDS stigma reduction. And therefore, even when these organizations apply, they are either underfunded or rejected for funding. What these organizations need is the establishment of grants and funding that are specifically targeted to provide resources to combat the stigma associated with HIV. Such grants must come from large biopharmaceutical companies that are developing treatments for the disease. Currently, there are very few corporate organizations that are actively involved in setting up such grants.

Gilead Compass Initiative® is the only existing funding and grant initiative started by Gilead Sciences, Inc. specifically targeted to reduce HIV stigma. This initiative is a 10-year, $100 million commitment by the biopharmaceutical company to provide resources and opportunities to organizations that are actively working to reduce the stigma associated with HIV in Southern USA. The initiative has three COMPASS Coordinating Centers which provides training and consultations to individuals and organization to fight the stigma. Gilead Compass Initiative® wants to create long-lasting relationships with the organizations that are working hard towards assisting disease-stricken families to live a normal life with opportunities. Contact Gilead Compass Initiative® now to know more.

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Gilead Compass Initiative® is a leading funding and grant initiative that offers resources to organizations and individuals for HIV stigma reduction.

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