Figueres Attractions and Beaches

Figueres town would be the capital of Alt Empordà district in the Girona province of the autonomous neighborhood of Catalonia in Spain. This spot is physically situated in the north east of Catalonia. Its distance from the cities Girona, Barcelona and Perpignan are 40 KM, 140 KM and 60 KM respectively. The distance in between this town and also the airport at Girona is 50 KM. The population of this town is 40000. Get more information about Figueres travel guide

The famous surrealist Catalan painter, Salvador Dalí was born within this town. There’s a significant Dalí Theatre and Museum designed by Dali and numerous guests throng this spot. The Catalan engineer, Narcís Monturiol i Estarriol, who invented the 1st combustion engine-driven submarine was also born within this town. An additional popular personality born in this spot is Monica Naranjo, the Spanish singer.

The origin for the name of the town is the word Ficaris that has Visigoth origins. King James I of Aragon had given legal forum (fuero in Spanish) within the year 1267; nevertheless, Hugo IV set fire to the town soon after four years. This town was bombed repetitively by rebels because of its loyalty for the Republican Government for the duration of the Spanish civil war. The financial recovery of this town started in 1950s and this was primarily due to tourism.


The typical temperatures within a year are as follows:

Maximum – 29 °C within the months of July and August
Minimum – 3 °C in January

Art/ Culture
1.Castle of Sant Ferran – was built by the Spanish King Ferdinand VI inside the year 1743. The program with the castle has the shape of a pentagon and its circumference is 5.6 KM.
2.St. Peter Parish church – this has Gothic architecture and there is a central part with side chapels.
3.Dali theatre and museum – was constructed in the 19th century and was renovated subsequently within the 1960s.

Preferred food products in this place are – oxtail soup, fuet, butifarra, paella, seafood and gaspatxo. One with the tasty products is ‘patatas de Olot’ wherein a potato is wrapped more than ground meat and fried.

Considering the fact that the taxes in this town are lower as compared to France, several Frenchmen go to this spot for purchasing. So as to cater to such people as well as vacationers coming to this spot because of beaches and museums, a lot of well known buying malls like Benetton, Zara La Coste, etc. have opened their shops for selling their brands. Furthermore local shops sell products such as jewelry, chocolate, wines, and so forth.

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