Fildena 150 Mg


Fildena 150mg is a cure fitting to sequence PDE5 inhibitors. It is also specified to as Fildena Extra Power as it increases the sensual influence in males. The medicine is used to treat erectile dysfunction which is the chief cause for dissatisfactory sensual interaction. Fildena 150 can be theoretical to be the high effect does for ED in males with the influential element Sildenafil Citrate. Fildena 150 Mg is the medicine or contain of drug that are used by those males who contests with the improper or required erection. In informal words, you can say that it is a cure used for treating erectile dysfunction in males. It fares some other circumstances like pulmonic main hypertension and prostatic hyperplasia. Not only is this it protects pregnancies to those who are in risk of abortion, treatments of female fruitfulness, with an enlarged prostate and who tackles with urine-related troubles too. Late all, it makes effects on the indications of ED and PAH. Now, after you know what properly is Fildena 150 Mg, so you should learn everything that relates to it. All things that relate to the specific medicine are how to devour it, what’s the right amount to use it, when to devour, for how to a great level time you have to take it, and plenty of additional things. Mostly, you need to be alert of its side effects and then know the defenses to persevere safe or healthy when going through ED treatment via Fildena 150 Mg. The finest way to totally get rid of the erectile dysfunction difficult is to refer everything with the physician and then go throughout the medication carefully.



Fildena 150 mg inhibits a PDE-5 enzyme that supports in the vitality go-slow of cGMP shortage due to the PDE-5 enzyme. After a male is effectively sensually stimulated and his body reliefs nitric oxide, then Fildena will help in the regeneration of constricted blood vessels around genital. This causes passable blood run towards erectile organ for implementation and maintaining the stiff erection for attaining agreement and pleasure in a complete lovemaking term without experiencing erectile disappointments. It workings by convincing the chemical phosphodiesterase in the physique. Sildenafil main effort is to increase blood stream to the male sex organs (penis). This importance is you get a continuing erection that may last up to 4 hours. If you want a fast importance, you may put the medicine under the tongue, when it dissolves by itself, you catch a consequence within 15 minutes.



Fildena 150 mg is regularly stated by the physicians to take an hour earlier having sensual intercourse. One medication per day is usually suitable to for fairly accurate 4 hours of erection. Fildena 150 can be excited earlier or later meals but 30 minutes earlier having sex with your mate to take the extreme benefit of the medicine. The drug is a usual medication which should be used orally with plain aquatic. Fildena 150mg medicines necessity be consumed one at a time. This drug is to be expended within an hour of planned interaction and in most cases it aids unable males to acquire an erection in just 30 minutes of drinking. Over dose of the medication necessity be thoroughly avoided.



The right quantity of Fildena is just one medicine a day. It is healthier to deliberate a doctor for proper dosage as it is a drug for the treatment of ED and not taken without discussion. If an individual misses the quantity, take as soon as one remembers. However, if it’s time for the next capacity, take only one medication. Do not take an overdose of fildena 150 mg pill and if you take an overeat by mistake rush to your proximate hospital directly. Over dosage of this drug can reason many indications like flushing, painful erections for a long time, and excessive lethargy. Overdose can cause certain difficulties as well, so refer the physician rapidly.




  • Dizziness
  • Vision disturbances
  • Flushing
  • Muscle aches
  • Hearing loss
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea
  • Nosebleed
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Fainting
  • heart attack symptoms
  • chest pain
  • Pressure
  • illness spreading
  • queasiness
  • sweating
  • perception changes
  • immediate vision loss
  • erection is painful
  • ringing in your ears
  • immediate hearing loss
  • abnormal heartbeat
  • conciseness of breath;
  • convulsion
  • a light-headed sensation
  • Flushing
  • Fever
  • redness
  • tingly sensation
  • Headache
  • dizziness
  • abnormal perception
  • blurred concept
  • differences in color eyesight
  • runny or confined nose
  • Nosebleeds
  • sleep predicaments
  • wakefulness
  • muscle soreness
  • back injury
  • disconcerted abdomen.



In some tolerant who has any liver illness the physician cannot give to power to transport a Fildena 150mg drug, and also in specially who has a reduction the operational of liver. In other case the physician prescribes sildenafil citrate but below a track by him. Also that tolerant of dose of sildenafil do be Stretchy and optimised under by physician. In that past you had any kind of surgery done, earlier taking sildenafil medicine Acquaint your past surgery to your physician. fildena hanging your physician a mention a dosage of this medication under by his management and optimisation. The eyes are a main part of body, while taking this pill have any kind of an eye difficult, call your physician or druggist because the side things of sildenafil might lead to loss of idea, and once your feature gone which may not to back so be careful around this. Sildenafil Citrate 150mg crops a small effect on supine blood influence in fit people. Fildena medication might lure a minor reduction in cardiac output. Plasma levels of PDE5 inhibitors like Sildenafil Citrate in the pill are improved in fit patients > 65 years. Inferior quantity might be measured in such cases. Renal deficiency – plasma levels of PDE5 inhibitors are better in males with severe renal inadequacy like creatinine agreement <30 mL/min. It is recommended that ED medication to be second-hand with caution in patients that have anatomical deformation of the penile and in patients that have conditions which may predispose them to priapism. Sildenafil Citrate component is not recommended for consumption in combination with other ED medications or action methods. PDE5 is known to be present in platelets, hence Sildenafil Citrate composed pill should be administered with care in patients which have a bleeding disorder or peptic ulcer disease.




Keep classic pills in breezy and dry place away from the reach of children. These medicines are to be stored in same blister package to save from moisture and direct heat. Keep medicine at usual room temperature away from children and pets.


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