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Fildena super active

Have you suffered from the problem of rectal dysfunction in your life? Has erectile dysfunction become a serious problem in your life? Due to this, you cannot get sexual pleasure with your partner. Due to which the fight between you is increasing, So such men do not need preparation. You should use Fildana Super Active Tablet to treat this problem. Which is used to treat the problem of impotence. It contains Sildenafil as an active ingredient. This helps men to get hard and long-lasting erections with their partner, So men prefer to consume this medicine

Fildana Super Active Tablet is made for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This drug is a sex problem that is seen in men of various ages. This problem has happened there. When the series does not get enough blood they cannot enjoy sex with their partner for a long time. So the doctor suggests such men consume Fildena Super Active Tablet. This medicine is the best medicine to treat the problem of impotence. This medicine is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. This drug uses Sildenafil as the active ingredient. Blood flow is increased in this medicine range And blood vessels and makes light, So this medicine helps men to get a strong and long-lasting erection with their partner, So men prefer to consume this medicine, So you also consume this medicine and get a long erection with your partner. You will find this medicine available on our And the best offer will also be given to you so you consume Fildena Tablet and get rid of the problem of impotence.

Some Dosage Of Fildena super active Tablet

  • Fildena 100
  • Fildena 150
  • Fildena Super Active
  • Fildena 50
  • Fildena 25
  • Fildena 120
  • Fildena XXX
  • Fildena Double 200
  • Fildena Professional
  • Super Fildena
  • Fildena CT 100
  • Fildena CT 50

How to take Fildena super active

Fildana Tablets are prescribed by doctors to treat erectile Dysfunction and Impotence problems. So men should take this medicine 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, this medicine should be taken with 1 glass of water. Do not break or chew this medicine, the effect of this medicine lasts for 4-5 hours, so you should take this medicine once a day. If you want to get faster results from this medicine, you should avoid heavy food and alcohol consumption before taking this medicine.

The common side-effects of using Fildena  are listed below:

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Burning sensation in the heart
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach upset
  • Lightheadedness
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Visual disturbances
  • Burning, numbness, prickling in your feet and arms
  • Bloody and cloudy urine

Precautions and warnings

You should not eat junk food and drink alcohol before taking this medicine

If your partner is pregnant, consult your doctor before taking this Fildena pills.

You should not consume alcohol before taking this medicine as it may cause side effects.

This medicine is made to treat the problem of impotence, so if you have any other disease, you should not take this medicine.

This medicine comes in different dosages so you should take the dosage that suits your body.

This medicine should be used by men above 18 years of age, women should keep this medicine away from children.

You may feel dizzy while taking this medicine so you should not drive or eat heavy food while taking this medicine.

The effect of this medicine lasts for 36 hours, so if you take this medicine once a day, if you take more than that, you may experience side effects.

You should not eat heavy food like sandwiches, pizzas, or burgers before taking this medicine.

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