Finance Test Banks

What is finance? Finance is essentially any transaction where money or a money-like instrument is exchanged for money or a money-like instrument.

Finance is concerned with analysing the data prepared by accountants to give clearer image about the firm.

All business students must have some knowledge about finance and the financial analysis. If you are a business student and looking for some finance related course such as corporate finance, financial management and bank management. offers hundreds of finance and financial analysis test bank and solutions manuals.  Below are some of the available test banks:

Corporate Finance by ROSS

Bank management and financial services by Rose

Financial management by Brigham

Principles of managerial finance by Gitman

Multinational Business Finance by Eiteman

Accounting Test Banks

A Statement of Basic Accounting Theory (ASOBAT) in 1966 defined accounting as “the process of identifying, measuring and communicating economic information to permit informed judgments and decision by users of the information.” Business Test Bank

Two new ideas arose out of ASOBAT’s definition of accounting. The members of the committee were mainly academics, so they looked upon accounting as an information system. Therefore, they saw communication as an integral part of the accounting process. Additionally, the inclusion of the term economic income broadened the scope of the type of information to be provided to assist in the allocation of scarce resources. The committee also embraced the entity concept by indicating that the purpose of accounting was to allow users to make decisions. In essence they were defining accounting as a behavioral science whose main function was to assist in decision making. As a consequence, the committee adopted a decision-usefulness approach and identified four standards to be used in evaluating accounting information: relevance, verifiability, freedom from bias, and quantifiability. ASOBAT maintained that if these four standards could not be attained, the information was not relevant and should not be communicated.

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