Find 5 best spots to enjoy thrilling jet skiing in Dubai

Dubai, the pearl of the Middle East is worth visiting for trippers around the world, owing to its majestic shining skyscrapers, virgin beaches, and a profusion of exhilarating water sports. Famous for its serene and clean shorelines, this magical stopover in UAE can be the best place to engage in various high-adrenaline water sports experiences to unleash the venturous spirit. Trippers can zip through the deep blue wavy waters in water bikes and jet skis while viewing the spectacular urban backdrops for some memorable experience.

No doubt the tidy and unpolluted beaches of Dubai can deliver a rewarding enjoyment for the water sports fanatics speeding in a jet ski. Amongst the different venues for indulging in high-end jet skis, the JBR beach Dubai can be the worthiest spot to stay enthralled in the adrenaline-filled adventure. Beach Riders Dubai can be the most trusted platform to book such fascinating water sports.

Here are some of the top places to enjoy Jet Ski pursuits in Dubai:

  1. JBR public beach 

JBR Beach Dubai happens to be Mecca for all jet skiing activities. Along with the locals of Jumeirah Beach, all international trippers are captivated by this popular beach. With the trendiest cafes and retail outlets, the soothing sea breeze at the JBR beach is the best reason to attract professional jet skiers and amateurs around the world. Various water sports adventures such as jet skiing, flyboarding, and banana boating happen throughout the year.

Taking rentals for a jet ski is pretty simpler here, whereupon the trippers can also get the customized option of engaging specialist instructors. They can also select their choicest Jet Ski model from a plethora of options. Moreover, authentic agencies like Beach Riders Dubai also offer special deals and rebates for Jet Ski, especially in summer. Now, the standard price of jet skiing for 30 and 60 minutes can be approximately AED 400-800 per rider.

  1. La Mer Beach

Likewise, thrill-seekers can also visit La Mer Beach for some adrenaline-filled water sports in Dubai. One of the most popular beaches, it is an instant locale to enjoy a full-day adrenaline mix of jet skiing relaxation. Along with a thrilling Jet Ski experience, the vacationers can also engage in other distinct water posts such as paddle boarding, kayaking, flyboarding, and surfing. With a profusion of trendy food joints and retail stores, the La Mer Beach experience can be visibly memorable for the trippers. The regular price of jet skiing at this beach can be in the range of AED 195-600 for 15-60 minutes for up to 2 riders.

  1. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Again, Al Mamzar Beach Park can be the perfect hangout for friends and families visiting Dubai. Spread across 106 hectares, the park offers jet skiing and a plethora of other water sports pursuits. Special discounts and offers are available for the different types of water sports adventures with the option to enjoy picnicking across the well-decorated gardens, post the jet riding experiences.

  1. The Dubai Marina

Yet, another supercharged jet skiing location is the Dubai Marina, an iconic landmark of the Gulf city. The rides can easily take a rental Jet Ski tour with highly adept instructors available throughout Dubai Marina. One can witness the stunning city skyline and skyscrapers also the beachfront, while skiing.

  1. Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour

Water sports enthusiasts can also engage in jet skiing in Dubai at the Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour. When the trippers do not have a licensed Jet Ski, they can easily obtain cost-effective jet skiing sessions at this fishing harbor. With the enthralling jet skiing rides, water sports lovers can also view the stunning Dubai landmarks and spectacular architecture throughout the route, entailing Atlantis the Palm, Burj Al Arab, and JBR.

Wrapping Up

Beach Riders Dubai is the best tour agency to book and engage in the high-adrenaline jet skiing water sportsinDubai Marina, Jbr, The Palm etc. They can also indulge in other daredevil water sports such as flyboarding, wakeboarding, Efoiland much more. Trippers can also enjoy the innovative feeling of flying in the air with a one-of-a-kind Dubai Parasailing Tour, just hanging in a swing-like position and staying enthralled with the spellbinding Dubai skyline.

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