Find Hair Color That is Free from Ammonia

You can now easily opt for no ammonia hair color for its nourishing properties and overall goodness. There has always been a lengthy debate undertaken globally on the efficacy of using conventionally formulated hair color products, many of which do not have any additional nourishing effects for hair and sometimes end up damaging the basic texture of hair as well. However, Vasmol has always believed in taking the route less traveled, coming up with a wide range of safe and zero ammonia or peroxide hair color products. The oil-based hair color products work on the dual action premise, i.e. they help in swift and seamless coloring of hair by tapping atmospheric oxygen and ensure proper nourishing of hair at the same time owing to the mixture of Ayurvedic ingredients and beneficial oils.

Ammonia free black hair color can be easily found at Vasmol which has a presence of more than 6 decades in the industry, being the preferred brand for millions of customers in India. The Vasmol Advanced Crème product is another offering worth watching out for Zero ammonia attributes aside, it comes in a cream form with the basic premise being no chemical developer formulas for greater wellbeing and safety of hair. This product contains extracts of several herbal components including hibiscus, Aamla, Bhringraj, Methi and others for ensuring black and beautiful hair that looks shining and natural. The Goodness of Ayurprash tagline is what really characterizes this product above all else.

The no-chemical formula helps in avoiding bleaching of hair while you are coloring it. The Ayurvedic components are essential for overall wellbeing of hair while the usage of natural oxygen for coloring is another major plus point. Zero peroxide content is another plus point and this is the first highly advanced cream based hair color in the country without any bleaching. That should be reason enough for you to check it out without further ado! There are several cream-based hair coloring solutions that contain chemical developers for bleaching. These are extremely harmful for hair and may lead to sustained hair damage at times. The product in question completely bypasses any such chemical developer while being easy to use and extremely convenient at the same time.

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