Find increased drivability with minimal axle shaft abrasion with KAAZ LSD

Available in two discrete variants of 1.5-way and 2.0-way, the clutch-type LSD (limited-slip differentials) is the most vital device that delivers optimum roadworthiness to supercars. In the process, the diff gear is linked to the drive axle of the sports cars and impedes the loss of drag force or traction. Besides, the aforesaid models of LSD showcase various cam grooves, in which case the LSD can function differently in both on-road and off-road conditions by gaining momentum with suitable braking.


Obtain enhanced safety with the diff gear offering traction controls during turnouts for supercars


The differential gearbox also delivers the rotational force or torque proportionately to all the wheels and can also be adjusted as per the requirement of the wheels. Thus, to obtain optimal performance for the supercars, it is prudent to go for the KAAZ LSD device from the esteemed sports car supplier of KAAZ Motorsport Australia.

What Distinct Support Does The Diff Gearbox From KAAZ Deliver To The Supercars?

Commencing their successful venture in the mid-1990s, KAAZ Motorsport Australia happens to be the most prominent supplier of premium quality sports car components and accessories. They dedicatedly bring forth their high-end KAAZ line of OEM automobile products that include the cutting-edge LSD or diff gearbox.

This unique LSD, especially the clutch-type operates at standard differentials during the frontwards movement of the supercars, wherein the gyrating variances between all the wheels are sustained equally. The LSD can also effortlessly restore this rotational force, while delivering increased traction, when the brakes are applied to slow down the sports cars, especially during the turn-offs. Besides, such a diff gearbox comes with unique 8 to 24 internal components of clutch plates that generate optimal drivability for the supercars.

How The LSD Gearbox Comes With Discrete Premiums For Sports Car Motorists?

Heightened Control during Turn-Offs with Optimal Traction 

The unique perceived benefit rendered by the LSD is the proportion of driving power or momentum delivered to all the wheels, which can be modified during both on-road and off-road drives. Thus, by using the exclusive diff gearbox, the velocity of the supercars can be easily impeded through enhanced traction, especially when the racing vehicles are taking a quicker rotation at the turnouts. Hence, such LSD helps to negate the skidding effect between the wheels and surfaces, both in on-road and off-road conditions, thus helping the motorists to effectively control their supercars transiting at incredible speeds.

Effortless Drives with Minimized Axle Shaft Wear And Tear 

The clutch-type diff gear assists to enhance and flatten the drivability in both on-road and off-road circumstances. The limited-slip differential bestows maximum balance with linear and precise orientation, along with heightened traction on any surface. Moreover, this plate-type or clutch-type LSD gearbox also helps to increase the spin on the axle shaft at discrete propulsion rates, whereby it optimally manages the drives of the supercars on surfaces, regardless of slippery roads.

Find increased drivability with the clutch-type KAAZ LSD from KAAZ Motorsport Australia

Moreover, the axle shaft is also specifically modeled for both the 1.5-way and the 2.0-way LSD variants wherein it generates varying rotational force to the wheels vital for the supercars travelling at incredible speeds. In addition, the LSD mechanism can also effectively rotate at different thrust ratios, devising effective friction between the wheels and surfaces, especially during the turn-offs.

In Outline 

KAAZ Motorsport Australia verifies its authenticity with the cutting-edge and groundbreaking technology of KAAZ LSD that delivers heightened ground clearance on all surfaces. The specialist automobile engineers at KAAZ devise such highly effective and feasibly designed ultramodern racing components that satisfy the ultimate desires of the supercar motorists on all road conditions. Thus, such advanced next-generation automation of LSD, supported by only OEM sports cars’ precision-guided components has successfully created deeper traits of professionalism.

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