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When Apple first launched its flagship wireless earphones, ‘The AirPods’, many believed that they will not have the same quality as other Apple products and will fail terribly in the already competitive market. However, three years down the line, Airpods have the world by a storm and are still considered by many as the Bluetooth earphones ever.

 The AirPods are light in weight, sharp in design, and match the quality standards of their compatriot, the I-Phone. However, one key iPhone feature that the AirPods were lacking until recently was the ‘Find My AirPods’. Apple’s Find my iPhone feature was a blessing for users like me who more often than not misplaced their phones, only for a friend to remind them. Until now, this feature was limited to the iPhone. Check out HP Service Center in Opera House if you want to fix any type of problem in your Laptop or PC.

However, many people were facing a similar problem with their AirPods too. The internet was flooded with memes about losing your AirPods and finding them later at all possible locations, be it under your cushion or inside your coffee mug. However, everyone was not so lucky to find them back.  BTS member Kim Namjoon recently revealed that he has lost 33 pairs of AirPods.

 To Kim, I would like to say this-wireless earphones are not for you mate. For others, who cannot go Apple shopping every time they lose a pair of their Airpods, don’t worry-iOS 10 is here. With the release of the iOS 10, Apple has launched a brand-new feature called ‘Find My Airpods’ to keep track of your little buddies.

How to access it?

The newly added feature can be accessed either using the ‘Find My iPhone’ app on your phone(you can find this app on the App Store if you don’t have it already) or by logging into your iCloud account. You don’t need to connect your AirPods with this app beforehand. The device to which you AirPods are paired serves as the link between them and your iCloud.

Once you open the Find my iPhone app, search for your AirPods on the ‘My devices’ list or directly on the map and select them. The location of your Airpods will be seen on the map in an absolute sense as well as relative to your other Apple devices. Once you have located the tiny buds, give them a little tap to find the ‘Actions’ menu pop up.

In the actions menu, tap on the ‘Play sound’ command. This will cause your AirPods to start playing a soft sound that gradually grows louder over time. Now the sound is not extremely loud, so make sure to mute other noise around you so that you can have a better chance at finding your AirPods. Once you have found them, you can stop playing the sound.

Another great option that the Find My AirPods feature provides is to mute either the left or the right pod. This is really useful if you have lost just one of the buds and the other one is still plugged into your ear.

What’s the catch?

Yup, you guys guessed right, there’s always a catch. The AirPods do not come fitted with a GPS or any other tracking mechanism. Hence the find my AirPods feature basically relies on the Bluetooth connection between the pods and your other Apple device be it your iPhone, iPad, or a Mac. So, what does this mean?

This means that I cannot find my AirPods if they are not connected to my phone or some other Apple device. It will also not work when the pods are inside their case. If you misplace your AirPods and walk out with your phone from the Bluetooth range, they will automatically get disconnected and the app will eventually show the last know location on the map.


What happens if my AirPods are not connected to my phone?

In all these scenarios the Find My iPhone app will display the last know location of the device. If you tap on the ‘Play Sound’ icon in such a scenario, it will report back a ‘Sound Pending’ message.


Again, if the pods haven’t been used at all in a really long time, you will find them offline on the app. Despite all these shortcomings, the Find my Airpods feature is pretty useful and was desperately needed by the regular AirPods users who were finding it difficult to keep a track of their mini sound bombs.


What’s next?

The iOS 10 certainly saw some really big advancements such as changes to 3D Touch, lock screen and of course the find my AirPods feature. That’s the thing with Apple, they keep updating their software until it is the very best in the market and then they upgrade it again. A similar upgrade will be required in the Find my AirPods feature to overcome its present shortcomings.


If the AirPods themselves come installed with a GPS tracker that runs on the battery, then they can be tracked from anywhere. This will however lead to an increase in the price of the already costly buds. Also, one cannot be sure about the feasibility of this. However, if you cannot find your AirPods that are still connected to your phone, open the app, say the magic words-‘Find my AirPods’, and voila, you’ll find them.  








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