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Do you understand that your company is at risk when you hire an employee without conducting any background investigation on them? The safety of your employees and the reputation of your company can be put to stake if you do not take the right decision. People have always neglected to get ICIMS background check done before employment and have neglected later because of the destruction that is caused. When you hire someone, you just check the qualification based on which you decided whether they are eligible for a job or not. But there are other several tests that must be conducted before hiring an employee. For this, ClearStar is a brilliant company that develops technology which can help employers to test the background of an employee before actually hiring them.

ClearStar is a promising company which has been offering background investigation and check technology and services. In 2018, the company collaborated with ICIMS platform which offers screening, sourcing and employment solutions to an organization to ensure that you hire only great talent. Click here to know the details about how the collaboration took place and how it is of benefit for employers.

The Oracle talent management cloud can now have access to oracle employment background check which are offered by ClearStar. The motive of starting ClearStar a few years back was to introduce a technology which could offer a path-breaking solution for a background investigation.ClearStar acts as a decision making authority for you based on the results of the investigation it conducts on an employee. The test includes drug screening, employment background checks, medical screening, criminal track records and performance checks of employees only then does it give its verdict.

It has been nearly 25 years now that ClearStar has been the supporting company in the United States of America for pre-employment verification. With each passing year, they try to do something new and collaborate with any advanced technology developer to offer the customer of the company with the best solutions. If you are interested in the cloud-based non profit background checks solution offered by ClearStar, then without any further delay, quickly get in touch with the customer support team or reach out to their offices based in Georgia, Florida, and London to get an overall understand of what you are going to invest in.

Visit here to know the reviews of the former customer of the company so that it is easier for you to understand the reputation and capabilities of ClearStar.

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