Find Out How to Use Chlorine Tablets for Clean Hot Tub

So, you have just bought a new hot tub for your new house. This is your first time having a hot tub to help you relax in the evening after a day of hard work. Since the day it has arrived, you have been using it to make the most of it. But now you have realized that it is time to clean the hot tub water. It would be great if you have some excellent hot tub spa supplies that will help you clean the hot tub water. We can sense that since it is your first time you might not have bought those supplies.

Don’t worry, we will help you figure out where you can buy those supplies from. But first, you must know what to do with the hot tub cleaning tablets that you will find in the supplies. If the label says hot tub chlorine tablets, then we are set to start. In this article, we will tell you how to use those tablets to clean the hot tub water.

· Make sure you buy only 20g chlorine tablets which are specifically meant for hot tubs.

· Depending on the size of your hot tub, use 1-3 tablets for small and 3-5 tablets for a large tub. Although make sure you check the water flow, the water level and check if the said amount is doing the job. If not, add some more tablets.

· Don’t directly add the tablets to the water rather use a floating dispenser for a slow-release action.

· Chlorine tablets need to be kept for at least 3-7 days in the water to get the desired effect.

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