Find Out Why Scrap Car Removal Is Necessary To Earn Instant Cash During COVID-19

Are you not using that car in your garage or driveway anymore? Instead of keeping it and letting it deteriorate, consider selling it right away! Don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic delay your plans.  Aside from freeing up space, selling it will earn you some instant cash, especially if you choose scrap car removal. It’s a service offered by car removal service providers in Sydney, and it is a great way to get rid of an old, scrap vehicle while letting you follow social distancing and other safety protocols to prevent infection and spreading the corona virus.

The Safer Way To Earn Instant Cash

When you sell your car on your own, you have to go through the hassle of making sure that it’s in good condition to attract potential buyers. And if a buyer does come forward, they are likely to request to meet with you so they can personally inspect the car and test drive it. Close contacts with others, especially with strangers can be risky during COVID-19. You never know who is really sick. Some people may not be showing any symptoms, but they are highly contagious.

According to the World Health Organization, the corona virus spreads between people who are within a one metre or short range from each other. You can get infected when droplets or aerosols containing the virus are inhaled or go into your mouth, nose, and eyes. The virus also spreads in poorly ventilated spaces where the aerosols can be suspended in air or travel more than one metre. Moreover, it’s possible to become infected when you touch surfaces that have been contaminated and then you proceed to touch your mouth, nose, or eyes without cleaning your hands!

Avoid The Hassles Of Selling Your Car

If you want to protect yourself and do your part in curbing the spread of the virus, scrap car removal is the way to go. It’s a quick and easy way to get rid of an old vehicle and earn top dollar for your car, no matter its condition, year, make, and model. Reputable car removal companies follow three simple steps when working with customers:

  • Instant quote – Call the company or complete their online enquiry form for a free quote.
  • Free pick-up – After accepting the offer, you can already arrange for towing, which will be provided for free.
  • Get paid – In-house experts will take care of your paperwork and you will get your cash on the spot when the car is collected.

Contactless Payments

Car removal companies typically pay in cash when they pick up your vehicle, but they can also pay you in Bitcoin or deposit the cash to your bank account. This is the ‘cleaner’ way to get paid during a pandemic. Reputable scrap car removal companies also practice health and safety protocols to protect their team and their customers!

Get Your Instant Cash Now

When you’re ready, call Amazon Car Removal at 0402 503 145 for reliable scrap car removal in Sydney. Our car removal service is available round-the-clock and pays up to $8,000. Get in touch with us now and we may even add a $50 bonus with our initial offer!

About The Author:

Yasin Azimi is the COO and IT Manager of Amazon Car Group (also known as Amazon Cash for Cars), first company in Australia to revolutionise the “Cash for Car” industry by offering cryptocurrency payments for unwanted cars. Yasin graduated in 2018 with Bachelor of Software Engineering from the University of Technology Sydney and has worked with fortune 500 companies like Cognizant as well as QBE Insurance in Australia for the past 3 years. With his IT experience coupled with his team of experts, Amazon Car Group is changing how people sell their car for cash.

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