Find Out Your Birthstone And Birthstone Colors By Month

There are birthstones for each month, and every gem has a special significance behind it. The relevance of birthstone colors by month is listed here.

-The January Birthstone is Garnet. While the birthstone shade is red the garnet additionally comes in a great variety of colors. It’s a relatively soft stone, so it should be shielded from influences as well as scrapes.


-February’s birthstone is the Purple/violet. Violet is, certainly, the royal color, therefore, Amethyst has actually been a favored gem for a very long time.

-The March Birthstone is Aquamarine. Aquamarine color varies from light blue to blue/green to dark blue and is a favorite of lots of jewelers. Its light blue color excites feelings of harmony and relationship and also reflects the color of the skies along with the deep blue sea. Not surprising that it was also a preferred gem of seafarers and was considered to be one of the gems located with mermaids.

-The birthstone for April is the diamond. Obviously, everyone understands that the diamond is the hardest product known. Well cut diamonds of high quality are stunning. Diamonds actually come in a range of colors: the clear ones we see most often, in addition to numerous shades of yellow, brown, orange, blue, and green.

-May has the Emerald green for its birthstone. This lovely rock variety from a cloudy pale green to deep clear green in perfect specimens. Premium quality emerald greens will see a rate near that of rubies. Energy healers like the emerald for its positive effects on relationships.

-June’s birthstone is Pearl. This is the only gemstone that is really expanded inside an animal. Certain oysters, if they ingest some kind of a bit, will certainly frame that fragment with the pearl nacre. Freshwater pearls, which are quite budget-friendly, can still be stunning and some have very intriguing forms.

-The July birthstone is Ruby. Second, to the diamonds in firmness, it can still be cracked or fractured. Ruby was called the ‘King of Gems’ by the ancient Hindus. Some have claimed that the July birthstone gets its shade from an everlasting infinite fire, which cannot be snuffed out.

-August has Peridot for its birthstone. This gem is a beautiful green to yellow-green in color and is commonly mistaken for an emerald. In fact, legend has it that Queen Cleopatra chose Peridot over other gems. Emerald greens don’t have the yellow tint, however, and tend to be a darker green.

-The Birthstone for September is the Sapphire. Rubies and Sapphires are both parts of the Corundum group of minerals, identified by their hardness. The pink corundum is Rubies. The blue ones are the sapphires.

-Opal is the birthstone for October. This sparkling treasure adjustments color depending on the light. Black opals, while not black, have a darker base shade and can be spectacular. You can find a number of man-made opal gemstones online.

-Citrine is November’s birthstone as well as is just one of the most inexpensive gemstones. Essentially, it’s gold quartz and varies in birthstone colors from a lemon yellow to an extra orange shade. Old peoples believed that the citrine would certainly secure them from snake venom and wicked ideas. Yellow Topaz is an alternative birthstone for November.

-Last but not least, we have the Blue Topaz & Zirconia as the December birthstone. Tanzanite is an alternate birthstone for December. It has a sparkling blue shade with hints of purple and comes just from the African country of Tanzania.

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