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We represent people from many areas of life, including those who have been treated unfairly by their bosses and those who have had their faith in a trusted legal expert betrayed. We want to empower our clients so that they can accomplish great outcomes and progress toward a brighter future.

Our Purpose

At Yale Pollack, we are dedicated to providing our clients with competent legal representation. Our attorneys collaborate closely with clients and devise innovative practical solutions to safeguard their interests.

At all levels of state and federal court, we represent a diverse range of clients, including consumers and professionals. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis or an hourly fee basis, depending on the type of case.

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The Yale Pollack Law Firm focuses its practice on consumer litigation and aims to protect the public’s trust in the legal profession. The firm’s significant position in the legal world is due to its competent attorneys and aggressive litigation style.

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Our clients are the best ambassadors for our vision and principles in action. Read firsthand tales from residents on Long Island, NY, who we’ve empowered to stand up for their rights and hold wrongdoers accountable.

Employee Empowerment in New York

Your place of employment should not be a cause of unnecessary stress, abuse, or legal problems. Unfortunately, a large number of Long Island NY employees are victims of workplace discrimination, harassment, and retribution. If you find yourself in this scenario, it’s critical that you understand your rights and how to assert them.

At Yale Pollack Law Office, our experienced New York employment lawyers represent employees on a wide range of concerns, including pregnancy discrimination and injury caused by an employer’s inability to fairly accommodate a disability.

Employers Are Not Allowed To Discriminate At Will

New York’s employment laws protect you even if you are an “at-will” employee. Employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees based on their protected class or protected conduct. The Fair Employment and Housing Act of New York protect the following groups:

Race, religion, physical and mental disabilities, sex, age, and sexual orientation are all factors to consider.

Protect your livelihood by asserting your rights.

We understand how vital your livelihood is to you. If you believe you were discriminated against or fired because you belong to a protected class or because you reported workplace harassment or discrimination, it may be in your best interests to file a lawsuit against your employer. To schedule a free and confidential consultation, please contact us immediately. Your deadline to file a complaint may be approaching quickly, so act now to safeguard your rights.

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