find the missing athlete in the Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics are coming up in a few days. But before that an unexpected event happened. A Ugandan athlete who went to participate in the Tokyo Olympics has disappeared. It is known that the name of this 20-year-old athlete is Hulias Sekitoleko. He is a weightlifter.
Finally, find the missing athlete in the Olympics
During play
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According to several Japanese media outlets, he went missing during the PCR test.
According to teammates, he could not be traced since the coronavirus test was given at noon on Friday (July 18). Later I went to the hotel room but it was found empty.
Police in western Japan have been called in to help find the Ugandan weightlifter. In the end, the cloud of fear has disappeared. The remains were found in Ugandan mysteriously missing athlete Sekitoleko. He wrote the letter on a piece of paper before fleeing. So it said, ‘I want to work in Japan. I am going out in search of work. ’ After writing that letter, Ugandan weightlifter Hulias Sekitoleko disappeared from the hotel.
He was identified at Nagoya station, about 200 kilometers from Tokyo. The incident was reported to the police by the organizers. Hulias was found after a search operation on its basis.

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