Finding a Suitable Solar Energy Company in Melbourne

Reside in Melbourne and searching for the right solar panel companies that can take care of your needs immaculately? Online Air and Solar is one of the top-rated and best solar energy companies with a wide range of solar panels, solar power battery storage solutions and other heating and cooling products. It is one of Melbourne’s highest rated solar panel companies with skilled staff and the best service at all times. One of the leading solar panel companies in Melbourne, Online Air and Solar always has its experts and consultants available in person or via phone for customizing sustainable and clean energy solutions based upon your specific requirements.

Post accepting the quote from one of the best solar energy companies, it will be dispatched to Solar Victoria and you will be informed about the rebate application through email. Solar Victoria will be notifying the company whenever the application has been approved and it will be reaching out to you likewise for booking the installation, fixing the date and discussing any pre-approval for electricity distributors if required, i.e. Powercor, Citipower or Ausnet. The Energy Safe Victoria Inspector will be contacting the customer for undertaking the inspection for the system in about 2-3 weeks. They will be issuing the compliance certificate for adhering to electrical safety guidelines likewise.

You will then get the invoice via email within a week’s time post installation. Post receipt of the certificate and making the full payment of the invoice in question, your electricity retailer will be emailed and you will be added to the mail thread for all solar related paperwork linked to the grid connection. You can always reach out to customer support round the clock for any guidance or assistance. You can safeguard your family from rapidly increasing prices of electricity by tapping the energy of the sun which is free for usage. Those spending a lot more household power than before will have the highest benefits with solar energy technologies and systems. If you have appliances continually running in your home along with keeping the lights on as much as possible, this may be reflected through the high numbers in your bill. If you have an energy-heavy household, it will make more sense for you to start investing in solar panels.

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