Finding and Choosing the Best Oil Based Hair Color Solution

Are you looking for high-quality oil based hair color in India? There are several options pertaining to suitable oil based hair color in India that you can try your hand at. In this context, you should know that in an ideal scenario, you should do away with hair color which is ammonia based.

This is where oil based hair color will strongly come into the picture. Hair coloring is basically a chemical reaction which involves one or multiple chemicals in hair color working as swelling agents for hair cuticles. This will enable hair follicles to easily absorb hair dye or color while helping it go inwards and deep into the cuticle itself. The hair color from a solution which is ammonia-based, may last longer and look more appealing. Since ammonia molecules are on the smaller side, they evaporate quicker and are easier to rinse post cleaning. They also react with melanin for making the hair feel lighter. Stylists also greatly preferred using ammonia based hair color in the past. Yet, that was the good part earlier. Today, ammonia based hair solutions are known for their multitude of side effects.

This makes it necessary to use oil based hair color in India and similar products which do not use ammonia. These hair colors are free from ammonia and instead have emollient oils that fuse with other ingredients to make sure that there is no protein or moisture loss for the cuticle when the hair is being colored. The chemicals in these colors are gentler without side effects and combat possibilities of hair damage at the same time. With ammonia free hair color products, you will readily make sure that the hair is not damaged and can be colored minus any hassles whatsoever. Using these coloring solutions will ensure that you do not suffer from an itchy scalp. The ammonia molecules lead to major irritation of the scalp along with burning sensations as well. Ammonia also disturbs hair pH balance and leads to losses of moisture and protein in hair too. Ammonia based hair coloring solutions are also known for their pungent smell, making it all the more necessary to give them up at the earliest.

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