Finding quality agro chemicals manufacturers in India

Looking for the best agro chemicals manufacturers in India? If it is the top agricultural chemical companies that you are seeking, look no further than Aditya Birla Chemicals, an entity of the Aditya Birla Group, one of the country’s most reputed and trusted business conglomerates. The company has a highly diversified business portfolio under its belt with a majority of its products being necessary for treating water, cleaning, sanitization, disinfection and also having relevance for the agricultural sector, pharmaceuticals, food and more. These vital agro chemicals products cover almost everything from peroxides, chlorine and chlorine derivatives and phosphates to agro-inputs and sulphites as well.

Aditya Birla Chemicals has earned a reputation for being one of the top agro chemicals manufacturers in the country. Being one of the most trusted agricultural chemical companies for farmers and agricultural companies, it offers Urea (neem coated) and customized fertilizer grade (CFG) products along with Oorja, its dedicated offering for soil health. The company also has plant health products or PHPs within its portfolio along with crop protection offerings and seeds within its Purak business division. All offerings are a part of the reputed Birla Shaktiman brand lineup as well, making it one of the most diversified ranges of agro chemicals products.

CFG is basically SHP and this is soil-based specific fertilizer, covering all needs for micro nutrients and other nutrients with crop types ranging from wheat and corn to even paddy. The condition of soil in any particular location will be a key determining factor while organic fertilizer and SHP (Soil Health Product) Oorja are key product lines as well. Birla Shaktiman Neem Coated Urea is a top offering for the company which is a nitrogenous fertilizer with 46% of nitrogen content, fulfilling this requirement for major crops. It enables a slow-down in Urea nitrification along with enhancing overall efficiency of nitrogen usage and working as a pest replant at the same time. It also controls nematodes which are soil borne, termites and other pests. It also helps in combating leaching, thereby lowering scope of contamination of underground water. Along with soil health and CFG products, the company offers BentoS or Bentonite Sulphur along with plant health products, seeds and crop protection products that are of great use to modern-day farmers.

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