Finding Suitable FMCG Distributors in UAE

Are you looking for the best FMCG distributors in UAE (United Arab Emirates)? You should look no further than the Al Maya Group and its subsidiaries, namely Al Maya Trading and Al Maya Distribution. Some of these entities are amongst the biggest FMCG importers in Dubai as well. Hence, you should make an effort towards reaching out to leading conglomerates like these which have the expertise and reputation required for any global FMCG brand. It is quite natural that any top global food products brand will desire the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and related markets like the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and Middle East as major global bases for expanding sales.

These regions have witnessed a substantial economic boom over the last couple of decades, becoming highly sought after business hubs for global conglomerates in the FMCG space. Additionally, the expat population has gone up considerably here while the local population has also evolved greatly, thereby leading to a major increase in demand for top of the line global FMCG products across categories. Hence, there is a prevailing need for a top distribution partner to help a leading global FMCG brand to swiftly expand its presence in these profitable markets. This is possible with support from the Al Maya Group and its subsidiaries like Al Maya Distribution and Al Maya Trading.

The Group has more than 1 million sq. ft. in warehousing space along with more than 100 vehicles. It has an extensive lineup of supermarkets while helping brands spread their products throughout multiple other retail networks as well. It also makes use of the latest and highly advanced WMS (warehouse management systems) technologies for its operations. Being one of the most reputed distribution and logistics players in the UAE, it makes for a suitable strategic partner for B2B (business to business) segment needs. The parent Al Maya Group has already introduced more than 50 leading global brands to the region over the years successfully, creating a reputation for trust, reliability and efficiency alike. The Group will help any top food brand create a sizable niche in the UAE in a very short span of time.

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