Finding the Best Agro Chemicals Manufacturers in the Country

If you are seeking nothing but the very best agro chemicals manufacturers in India, you should look no further than Aditya Birla Chemicals, a brand which is known as having built a time-tested and solid reputation as one of the leading agricultural chemical companies with a wide range of products in diverse categories and catering to vividly different consumer requirements at the same time. Agriculture produce is vastly enriched through the Vardan, Birla Shaktiman and Oorja brands among others. The key aim of these agro-chemical products from Aditya Birla Chemicals is products which safeguard the soil like neem-coated Urea and organic and customized fertilizers while there are several other products for safeguarding plant health and also crops along with insecticides, fungicides and herbicides which enable greater productivity throughout a wide range of crops simultaneously.

There are a variety of PHP (plant health products) which are accommodated within the Purak division and these are included in the brand portfolio for Birla Shaktiman. CFG (Customized Fertilizer Grade) is the SHP (Soil Health Product) which is basically specific to the soil and crop in question. CFG takes care of needs of infusing better micro nutrients and nutrients into various kinds of crops commonly grown in India such as wheat, paddy, corn and others along with taking into account the condition of soil in a specific zone. Oorja is the SHP (Soil Health Product) and an organic fertilizer.

There is the Birla Shaktiman Neem coated urea which is a popularly used agro-chemical and this harnesses the nitrogenous fertilizer urea which has approximately 46% of nitrogen that takes care of crop nitrogen requirements to the hilt. Nitrification of urea is considerably slowed down as a result while nitrogen usage efficiency is also enhanced as a result. This also functions like a repellant for some common pests while also helping in controlling termites, nematodes and other pests which are soil borne, owing to the strong pesticide attributes. There is also support for checking leaching of soil, thereby lowering the likelihood of contamination of underground water.

Birla Shaktiman Vardan is a part of the CFG (Customized Fertilizer Grade) and is a key soil health offering which is fertilizer specific to the soil and crop in question. It takes care of all requirements of infusing micro nutrients and nutrients into the soil and also for varied crops as mentioned earlier above. There is promotion of nutrient management which is site-specific with the best usage efficiency for fertilizers as well. There is ample support for satisfaction of nutritional needs of crops which is specific to the site, crop and soil while crop yields are also enhanced majorly in the bargain. It also safeguards against any deterioration of soil.

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