Finding the best bed sheet manufacturers in Dubai

If you are looking for quality bed sheet manufacturers in Dubai, you may sometimes be hard-pressed to find the best options. Al Maya Group is one of the leading bed sheet manufacturers in UAE, having carved a niche for itself in multiple bed sheet verticals. The Group has several businesses including distribution partnerships with the best apparel and accessory brands covering home décor items, fashion-ware and intimates along with sportswear and other apparel. The Group also has UPF which is one of the Middle East’s biggest wholesalers of fashion. The associate member of the Group supplies the best apparel for men, women and children to the biggest UAE hypermarkets as well. With a stringent approach towards quality control, there are solutions available for the entire family at the Group.

The Group is known for emphasizing greatly on businesses which have immense future growth potential. Bed sheets are manufactured with the very best materials and other components and the Group is known for its expertise in manufacturing home items including bed sheets and other accessories. It has state of the art units along with skilled personnel and advanced technologies at its disposal. The Group has solid distribution partnerships along with considerable infrastructure for production. The Al Maya Group has an extensive network of supermarkets throughout the UAE and this ensures a retail presence for all its products. The Group always focuses on the finest quality and comfort for its bed sheets and hence customers will find greater value in opting for the same.

Established in the year 1982 by a leading businessman and visionary L K Pagarani, the Al Maya Group is a leading business conglomerate that is based in Dubai and has today become a major industrial entity in its own right. The Group has more than 5,000 employees working from 30+ countries worldwide and has several business divisions and verticals. The Group is known for its solid FMCG distribution network for food and non-food products along with possessing plants in India and other global countries. It has more than 90 retail stores across the GCC and UAE including Borders, Supermarkets and Paper chase. The Group has more than 1 million sq. ft. in warehouse space, 10,000+ shoppers and 15,000 deliveries on a daily basis. It has in excess of 100 baskets and more than 50 supermarkets with more than 100 offices worldwide as well.

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