Finding the Best Wholesale Food Distributors in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has witnessed a growing boom in the consumer space, particularly when it comes to food and beverages. There is sustained demand from citizens for the finest food products from across the world and this has led to the growth of wholesale food distributors in the entire region. There are several players now who are putting their best foot forward with regard to ushering in the best food brands into the UAE while ensuring that they get ample distribution across retailers, stores and supermarkets. Top manufacturers of these products are also looking for efficient and well known distributors for partnerships in the UAE in a bid to scale up overall market share.

It is a fact that getting sizable market share for a global food product can be tough in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) owing to the sheer competition involved. Growing tastes for luxury retail, particularly in the food space, has given rise to several brands that are equally competing for customer interest. As a result, finding the right wholesale distributors in UAE and key cities like Dubai is crucial for any food brand desirous of establishing a solid presence in the region. Finding the right distributor is not an easy task, given that there are umpteen options available in the present scenario. However, there are some basic parameters which may be used for finding the same smoothly.

Firstly, food brands should look at the warehousing and storage capacity of the distributor in question along with the transportation, vehicle count and logistics abilities. Secondly, the reputation, experience (worked before to introduce global food brands in the UAE or not) and usage of cutting-edge technologies will have to be assessed as well. Lastly and most importantly, the overall reach of the distributor in terms of supermarket shelves, retailers and stores should also be analyzed carefully before inking a deal. In this context, it should be mentioned that the Al Maya Group, with its group arm Al Maya Distribution, has been revolutionizing the distribution space in the UAE. Having brought more than 50 of the finest global food brands to the region over the years, the company has more than 1 million sq. ft. in warehousing space along with 100+ vehicles. It has its sister concern Al Maya Trading which ensures smooth handover of products across leading supermarket chains and retailers in the UAE as well. Goodwill, reliability and efficiency are three aspects which characterize the Al Maya Group.

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