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Kingsbury’s tactical style in the university era shows that he likes a fast-paced attack, and this looks also is one of his characteristics of his NFL tactics. External hand-drawn-Fitzgerald, said that the rhythm of the Music Syberi is a matter of this year’s officers to adapt, and it is also necessary to do full effort to operate.

The packaging worker offensive group at least 5 times, and there are several routes running mistakes. However, the four-point knees of the packaging workers seem to be better than last week, and the Runa Dragon Jones is also worthy of praise.

External hand Fitzgerad: The rhythmic rhythm of the red scitch new offensive system is faster
Beijing July 15th, outside the Arizona Red Spits offensive group, how to express many speculations in Kliff Kingsbury, and the complete answer of this problem until September new season It will not be announced.

“Different from the previous differences are the new tactics he joined. The difference is the way to run off-attack groups, the rhythm of attack,” Fitzgerad said. “Every day, as we have more experience, our offensive group runs faster and faster and faster, we can do more attack more effectively. If you understand the tactical thoughts, we can Applying more pressure to the defensive group. Tactical language is simpler, but you have to understand faster. In this system, you don’t have a lot of time after getting the right. You have to understand and have a very fast speed. Play out. ”

This year’s training camp James Harrison only needs to wear sports pants
Many NFL’s old will enjoy no need to wear equipment and helmets in the training camp. But for NFL coaches, this is not what they want to see.

“I want a whole career to be the proliferation effectiveness, but you know that the world is impermanent,” Peterson said. “God, some things may change next month. This situation will not only happen in football, but in this world will happen. So, I want to be a full career. I want to be given to this One of the people who brought the first champion. ”

Xiu 4th 卫 凯勒 – Murre Murray also played a ball in a similar offensive system to help. Fitzgerald has said Murray has a profound mastery of offensive tactics, and ensuring that everyone is unanimously important for this summer’s flush training.

2012 first round show fifth year option execution or not
The first round of the first round of the 2012 first round show will be the deadline for execution, let us take a look at the choices of each team. The first round of rookie contracts The fifth option is when the four-year rookie contract is implemented, the team has the right to extend one year. The contract amount is that the top 10 in the top 10 is the average of the top 10 players with the highest wages, and the 11-32 grade is the average of the highest level of wages. If the player is injured, the fifth year option is fully guaranteed.

First of all, he asked the transaction in October last year. He was dissatisfied with the team’s 1 wins and 6-losing starts and new defensive systems. Subsequently, in May this year, he was banned by the alliance in the new season for 6 games due to the violation of the alliance performance to improve drug use.

The packaging worker offensive has a total of 423 yards, including 298 yards. The first three times got a ball twice, www.thebeeskneesstore.Com but after the Green Bay offense suddenly turned off, then the method of killing the progress area was only rely on three free kicks.

3, Trent Richardson, running guard / Brown, has signed a contract with the raid 2 years. After being traded by Brown to the Pony, the snap-off period was contracted by the horses after the horses were contracting a 2-year contract. Can you save your career here.

Despite the advancement of the package industry offensive group after the early season, 4 wins and 4 losses lost 3 games in their four games, and the past three home games lost 2 games. As Ferrus said, the packaging workers may still win the country of UNITANY & MDash; & mdash; Viking has been connected to 3 games & mdash; but if the packaging will continue to doubt like home transfer, fans and Ffa Leadership of the team’s key characters.

The 37-year-old 37-year-old person of this Pittsburgh will have been prepared for this summer. This is his first slow down to stay with the team. His top priority is to help those players who are not in the special group. It is more laughter without many training tasks for him.

Last year, the red narcarmn Wilks was a coach, and his coaching style is not compatible with the flush. The red rickets have entered the national conclusion in 2015, and many players in the defensive group have not forgotten this.

“Mike, Alon is a leader, rather than after the game, we have to find a method of exciting the game,” Faifu said. “Because, even after losing this game, they did not have two times before. They still have the opportunity and may win the partition champion. Nowadth, it is very glue. There is no team to occupy the advantage. So I still seem to be still The best team, they need to play this performance. “

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