Finding The Very Best Ammonia Free Hair Color In India

Looking for the best ammonia free hair color in India? You should set store by Vasmol which is one of India’s most trusted brands in this category and a household name in the country for several decades now. It offers premier no ammonia hair color that you can readily use with several benefits and advantages galore. When it comes to the best ammonia free hair color in India, Vasmol has products lined up like its iconic Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala. This helps people who do not wish to compromise at all with the safety of their hair coloring solution while offering an oil-based product which ensures a natural look for hair, complete with proper care and nourishment in the bargain.

This is no ammonia hair color that is fully oil based and comes loaded with the goodness and attributes of three oils. Built by one of India’s biggest hair color brands, Vasmol, Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala is hair color which offers the healing attributes and properties of walnut, almond and olive oil which are known to nourish and strengthen hair perfectly while making use of natural oxygen at the same time. Natural oxygen is tapped from the atmosphere for coloring hair in this regard. There is zero peroxide, zero ammonia and zero mixing while this black hair color keeps away from formulas that may otherwise harm your hair. It is directly applied, simple to use and convenient at the same time.

The usage procedure is quite simple and on the first day you will have to wear gloves and pour hair color on your palm before applying it to your hair. Wash this off post 90 minutes with the best conditioning shampoo. You have to apply once again on your hair and wash off post 90 minutes with suitable conditioning shampoo for getting a darker hair shade at the same time. This oil based no ammonia hair color enables better coloring of hair in a natural manner via oxygen usage. It is as simple as application of normal hair oil, being a zero ammonia coloring solution that comes enriched with the goodness of three oils, namely walnut oil, almond oil and olive oil. Natural oxygen is tapped from the atmosphere for coloring hair with this oil-based hair color. It does not contain any peroxide and does not need mixing as well, unlike other hair color types.

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