Finger Pulse Oximeter: Child Pulse Oximeter

Finger Pulse Oximeter easy to use and accurately and reliably measure blood oxygen, SpO2, and heart pulse rate. This article introduces Child Finger Pulse Oximeter.

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Finger Pulse Oximeter is based on the principle that red blood and deoxygenated blood have different colors. It uses red and infrared light to compare the ratio of oxidized blood to deoxygenated blood, thereby measuring the oxygen saturation percentage in the blood with high accuracy.

The design of Child Finger Pulse Oximeter should first be small and light, with an easy-to-read screen, specially designed for children, the appearance is very cute, visually pleasing, and acceptable to children.

The design of the Child Finger Pulse Oximeter should secondly be easy to operate. The Child Finger Pulse Oximeter only needs to clamp the reading on the child’s finger and press a button to read it easily. Finger Pulse Oximeter quickly displays the child’s blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and pulse intensity in a visual manner.

What characteristics should a children’s Finger Pulse Oximeter have?

1. Finger Pulse Oximeter: Simple and Easy to Operate

Finger Pulse Oximeter is designed for children’s finger size. It can be installed on children’s fingers through one-button operation, and then clearly record the percentage of oxygen saturation, heart rate, and SpO2 level on the LCD display.

2. Finger Pulse Oximeter: Easy to Read

Finger Pulse Oximeter has a color digital display for easy reading. Need to pay attention to the parameters of the finger pulse oximeter because the accuracy of the reading may be reduced below certain levels. Clear display.

3. Finger Pulse Oximeter: Portable

Hospitals and medical clinics have been using blood oxygen saturation monitors to monitor breathing and other conditions for many years, but these instruments are very large and bulky and cannot display large screens. Children’s Finger Pulse Oximeter is very lightweight and easy to carry. Very compact, light, and portable oximeter.

4. Finger Pulse Oximeter: Comfortable to Wear

Finger Pulse Oximeter is a very light and compact “all-in-one” device that can quickly and effortlessly measure children’s blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and pulse intensity. Suitable for users with different dominant hands.

Finger Pulse Oximeter has the above four characteristics and will be very suitable for children. Finger Pulse Oximeter can easily detect children’s blood oxygen saturation and protect children’s healthy growth.

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