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The Pulse Oximeter Fingertip can quickly obtain data information, and the Pulse Oximeter Fingertip can provide an accurate method to quickly check pulse rate and oxygen saturation level. Using this Figure pulse oximeter to read is simple and effective. You just need to clip it on your finger and press the button to operate. Users can easily read the large-size LED display screen, so as to get fast and accurate. It is small and compact in size and can be easily carried in a pocket, backpack or other methods.

The Pulse Oximeter Fingertip  fluctuations in blood oxygen saturation in a small volume. Using fingers to care for family health is easier than going to the hospital, saving time and cost. C101H1 USD 8.38  Figure pulse oximeter the best choice for health protection.

Figure pulse oximeter

Figure pulse oximeter specific parameters

  • Model: C101H1 USD 8.38
  • FDA and CE approved
  • Can measure SpO2 and Pulse Rate accurately
  • SpO2 and Pulse Rate display, Pulse Rate waveform and bar graph display
  • OLED display: Dual Color OLED display. Better show the data. Screen brightness adjustable.
  • Multi-direction display: Rotatable multidirectional display. 4 directions, 6 modes, allow you to view your results in any direction.
  • Alarm function: Set the alarm and beep according to your needs. There will be a warning once the measured values go beyond the setting. Know it immediately.
  • With case: Small in volume, light in weight, convenient to carry. With a lanyard and carrying case, convenient to use and to storage
  • Long battery life:
    1) Low-power consumption continuously works for 6 hours.
    2)In the absence of a signal, the product will be in after 8 seconds to enter the standby state.
    3)Battery voltage low indication.

Figure pulse oximeter specific parameters are simple to operate, easy to use, and easy to read.

Six colors of Figure pulse oximeter specific parameters are available.

Figure pulse oximeter the best choice for health protection, can also help you save the time and cost of going to the hospital, buy it now!

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