Firefox and Avast Antivirus might cause Login Password issues

Do you have Firefox as your internet browser and do you use Avast Antivirus? You may have issues with lost passwords in Mozilla Firefox.

Clients report that the blend of Avast Antivirus and Mozilla Firefox can cause Firefox to lose all put away passwords in light of the fact that Avast Antivirus can cause a significant record that stores login information in Firefox to wind up ruined.

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Avast Antivirus distinguishes the record: login.json and places .degenerate after it, the document name moves toward becoming login.json.corrupt.


This degenerate record anticipates Firefox from utilizing the login.json document and in this way from utilizing the put away spared passwords. There is a basic arrangement that the client can do to recuperate the passwords in Firefox.

Mozilla has acquainted a fix with reestablish the passwords record from Firefox. Simply introduce the program expansion add-on and Firefox will reestablish the influenced login record.

My Avast Account 

my avast account

Both Mozilla and Avast are aware of the issue and have released a fix.

Make sure to update Avast Antivirus and Firefox to the latest version.


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