Fireworks: Why Do We Love Them So Much?

The Fourth of July skies will light up in an amazing display of effects and sparkles. Watching people anticipate Independence Day celebrations partly because of its significance and partly because of the fireworks will have you asking, “Why are fireworks so fascinating?”

We love fireworks. As a result, we’re often quick to make them the highlight of our events.Have you noticed how much crowd firework festivals attract compared to other events without fireworks? It is its own magic.

There are several things about fireworks that have us hooked such that we risk burns and injuries and set them off every chance we get.

Fireworks are beautiful. Everyone loves to watch fireworks in the sky because of its beauty. People who don’t fancy the shower of sparks and effects because of the noise, love how it appears in the sky. The aesthetic clash of various colours plus the visual and sound effects that boom across the sky make for a stunning image that keeps you awestruck.

It’s a surprising reason,but we love fireworks because they scare us. Research has proven that people are often fascinated by a slightly scary experience, as long as they feel in control. For example, when you watch an Excalibur Artillery Shells take flight into the night sky, the unexpectedness of the precise timing of the next booming sound induces a bit of fear and thrill in our brain. However, because we know we’re not really in danger, the fear is controlled, making it a pleasurable experience. This is the same feeling we get from taking crazy carnival rides.

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