First battle pass of Apex Legends shows how badly it needs better cosmetics

The first Apex Legends Season 1 battle pass went live just today, kicking off the battle royale first season of the game called Wild Frontier. Battle passes like this are quite a familiar territory for live games of battle royale like PUBG and Fortnite. You are basically buying a 90-day progress bar, and along with it some rewards and goals. While there are a lot of players who would play Apex Legends or the like without an extra added incentive, it is an extra push for players interested in new loot and cosmetic updates.

The only issue is that some players are not all too excited for the rewards offered up by Respawn company. So yall tellin me that I waited a month and two weeks for a battle pass that at last gives me a havoc skin at level 100, TSM popular Apex Legends player Taylor THump Humphries wrote on a social platform called Twitter.

Players on social forum Reddit have likened the feature to the battle pass equivalent of the Mozambique, which is a reference to memes about the worst gun of Apex Legends. There is a lot of stuff in the season 1 battle pass, but much of it does not stand out. Whereas popular franchise Fortnite offers over-the-top, legendary skins, which tie into the lore of the game, most of the loot of Apex Legends season one looks like recoloring. Many of the rewards are stuff that players just would not care about, like various different badges that broadcast what level has been reached. Having a visual indication of the soldier rank can be a cool status symbol, but an earned badge is quite useless once you have leveled up to the next one. A great skin or a dance emote is a much more exciting reward.

Part of the argument of community is that the season 1 battle pass is not as flashy as the battle pass of Fortnite. In each and every season of Fortnite’s battle pass offers one obviously legendary skin for those that reach the benchmark of level 100. But the pathway there is not much pain, either there are a ton of exciting and fun emotes and skins to unlock on the way. And to get them, Fortnite has a lot of very silly little challenges. Dancing in a certain location on the map of the game or dropping into a random area are incentives to explore and experiment Fortnite’s ever-changing in-game map. They are little details that do not overtly change the entire gameplay but do impact how generally games play out, giving all the players small new challenges to deal with, like a large number of players in a certain part of the in-game map.

It is quite disappointing that there is not a bold new idea or gorgeous good looking skins sitting at the center of this season one battle pass. But for now, Respawn company is not desperate to bring in brand new players or rock the boat, which can keep things safe, which is exactly what this season one battle pass is.

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