First, Jagex’s trademarks Never Ending

I cannot define what the new ability will be, other than RS gold that it isn’t sailing.
The fourth premise declares that it is completely different from current techniques or popular thought and has never been done it before.

Evidence (RSOF QF13-14-745-602795455, Mod. MMGQ&A): Although it’s true that no one has ever been close to guessing the new skill before, it’s likely that it’s because it’s never previously been attempted. (About ThirdScape) I don’t want to divulge it however because it’s a lot of fun and nobody has ever done it before, so we’re sort of keeping it close to our chest. Specific Assumptions- Extending existing information that might not be relevant to new skills.

First, Jagex’s trademarks Never Ending and Infinite Dungeon (or Dungeon Master) are thought to be related to this new skill. Evidence: The trademarks for the two games were filed in March 2009 (source), prior to the announcement of ThirdScape’s Dungeon Master (source), before ThirdScape’s announcement in May 2009. (source). Mod Korpz answered a question about FunOrb by stating that they were not related to it.

My account getting suspended was a blessing from God. I am living a very joyful college experience as I am now at the end of my third year. I attend the church every Sunday, and I spend time with my family. I wanted to bomb the head quarters of this game company but I don’t think that voilence will solve this. The people are being killed by Runescape.

This thread is intended to be a discussion. In the beginning, I will ask the question and respond by stating my own perspective. To simplify things I’ll use the term Pf2P to refer to pure play for free. This is a player who has never been a member of RS.

Do you believe that players who have the same skillcape in less time than players who are free deserve more attention? (Note that this is applicable to the same skills that members as well as f2ps can access. To compare both would be stupid. Also, I am aware that the skillcape costs six bucks for players who are free. A Pf2p means that a player has reached 99 level as cheap RuneScape gold a pf2p but only is required to pay 6 dollars for the skillcape. This is not one who waits until 90 to switch to an active member in order to accelerate his progress.

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