Fishing Gear Gift-Giving: Surefire Gifts to Make the Angler in Your Life Very Happy

man wearing blue performance fishing shirt by GILLZIf you’re uninitiated into the obsession that is fishing, gifting fishing gear to a dedicated angler can be intimidating and baffling. You’ll probably be OK if you’re their perennial fishing partner or enjoy in-depth conversations with them about their gear. If not, buying the right gear for them can prove really tough. Never fear, there are solutions.

Instead of fishing lures, line, and leaders, consider high-performance fishing shirts. Quality fishing apparel is something an angler can and will use regardless of the season, conditions, and whatever lures and baits they’re into at the time. Because they’re not dependent on your giftee’s preferred method of fishing and the species they like to catch, you can worry so much less about whether they’ll genuinely find the gift useful: they absolutely will.

A Performance Fishing Shirt

Not everyone thinks carefully about apparel, so your intended recipient might not know just how useful a purpose-built fishing shirt can be. A well-designed long sleeve performance fishing shirt should be composed of a high-performance polyester. That allows for the shirt to be light and breathable enough to provide for air flow-through, keeping the angler cool, while the full coverage protects the skin from direct sun and other environmental irritants like insects and water spray. They also work well as a bottom layer of warmth should the weather turn cold, and moisture-wicking shirts further assist regulate temperature and keep the wearer comfortable.

A Fishing Mask

Due to some recent technological and design advances, most notably the GillzMask™ from the perpetually inventive and enterprising fishing apparel design team at Gillz®, the fishing mask is coming into its own in a big way. When done right, a fishing mask like the GillzMask™ provides the same benefits for the face that a fishing shirt does for the body. It protects the skin from the sun, the attack of insects, stinging spray, and the elements, while keeping the wearer cool, wicking away moisture, and drying quickly. The GillzMask™ keeps anglers comfortable by funneling air through their distinctive gill-like side-slits. They’ve also wisely designed the GillzMask™ with a mesh mouthpiece, which both eliminates the obnoxious glasses or sunglasses fogging and reduces odor after use.

A Reliable Pair of Fishing Pants

A good pair of fishing pants operate according to the same principle as the fishing shirt and fishing mask. Though the pants tend to be heavier-duty than shirts and masks, they are likewise fabricated from quick-drying performance polyester and should offer a water-repelling coating for greater dryness and comfort. The best fishing pants are also stain-resistant, a huge draw considering the sorts of stains, substances, and smells anglers can encounter on the water. Find fishing pants with zip-up pockets, as it’s really easy to lose the contents of pockets to the drink.

About Gillz®

Whenever the opportunity to fish arises, Kent Hickman takes it. It’s been that way for Kent since his early childhood in the Sunshine State. He routinely walked miles a day to take advantage of Florida’s legendary fisheries. That childhood love of angling, and of the water itself, has never faded, compelling Kent to fish the professional tournament circuit. However, finding fishing clothes that kept him cool, comfortable, and protected from the elements in Florida’s sunshine was never easy. In 2009, Kent went on to found Gillz®, providing anglers with high-quality, stylish, performance fishing clothes. Along with shirts for fishing, Gillz® gear includes their iconic GillzMask™ fishing mask and a fantastic selection of additional gear and accessories like polarized sunglasses and fishing hats.

Be cool, comfortable, protected, and fish for longer when you choose Gillz® gear, at

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