Fit the Fat 3: 8 Tips and Tricks to Master the Game

Fit the Fat 3 is a fun game wherein four obese characters have to lose weight. You can either play this game alone or opt for races. The more the character works out, the more weight will they lose. Each character has their own story, which gets unlocked as you progress. Let’s explore the tips and tricks to help you master the game.

Best Tips and Tricks for Fit the Fat 3

1. Keep Training

When you unlock your very first character, you will swiftly become acquainted with the different ways to help your character become fit. Opt for training, and then your character will start riding a bike. Soon, your character will also be able to go for jogging. These activities will help you shed some weight.

2. Opt for Racing

When you are tired of playing alone, you can opt for the Race option. It allows you to compete against others. Select foot racing or bike racing and compete against two opponents. In this mode, you have to focus on speed in order to win. Try to grab as many speed boosts as possible and avoid the speed breakers.

3. Collect Fitpoints

In Fit the Fat 3, your goal is to shed some weight. Hence, rather than focusing on speed, focus on grabbing as many Fitpoints as you can. However, when you are racing, you should focus on speed. Only when you are playing solo, you should focus on collecting Fitpoints.

4. Unlock the Gym

When you have unlocked the Gym, you can shed more pounds by running on the treadmill and skipping rope. With the help of such activities, you can assist your character in shedding the most pounds in a single go. However, when you are on the treadmill or are jumping rope, then your hunger meter shall deplete faster. When the burger option appears, tap on it and feed your character what it craves.

5. Get Coins

The game allows you to bag coins in numerous ways. You can get coins by going to the Shop and collecting your gift. When you complete achievements or open a free shake, then you get coins as well. Even though you can use these coins to unlock new characters and more pages of the character’s storybook, it is better to use the coins to buy more costumes. When you play a video advertisement, you get 100 coins.

6. Complete the achievements

Similar to other mobile games, in this game, you have to complete achievements. When you complete the different goals, you will be able to earn more coins. When playing the game, make sure that you complete a couple of achievements in a day.

7. Keep on losing

In Fit the Fat 3, you need to lose weight in order to progress. For instance, when your weight become 470 pounds, you unlock racing. Once you come to 450 pounds, you can get to the gym. At 440 pounds, you can train the run and finally at 430 pounds you can run races.

8. Feed the character

When you play the game, your character will get hungry at some point. They will not be able to bike/run unless you feed them. Tap on the burger icon and then select the food they want to eat. Do not feed the wrong food item. When they have had their filling, they can train or workout again.

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