Five active ingredients used in the best weight loss pills

Obesity is a medical condition where the individual’s weight is higher than expected. However, in this condition, a man can suffer from additional health conditions such as heart diseases. Various best weight loss pills help such people to lose weight. Doctors may prescribe such pills when only doing physical workout does not work.

The mechanism of the best weight loss pills is different. They are composed of several active ingredients that work to cut those extra kilos. So, let’s dig in detail what are the different active components.


This active ingredient is present in one of the best weight loss pills Xenical, which is commonly recommended. It is also available as an over the counter medication, marketed under the brand name Alli. Orlistat has an action mechanism to inhibit the digestion of fat from consumed food. Therefore, only a few calories are absorbed.

Pills that contain Orlistat helps to reduce up to six pounds. However, the usual side effects are oily stools and diarrhea.


It is a potent drug present in the medication known as Belviq. This active drug helps to reduce weight by decreasing the appetite. It acts as a serotonin receptor inhibitor that reduces your hunger and desire to eat. Therefore, you tend to eat limited food. This medication is prescribed by physicians to overweight people. It is taken in association with diet and exercise.

Common side effects of Belviq are constipation, dry mouth, giddiness, and nausea.


This component is found in the regular day-to-day food items such as chocolate, tea, and coffee beans. Caffeine is proven to be a mind-alerting (psychoactive) component.

However, caffeine is known to have properties to reduce weight. Therefore, in many best weight loss pills and weight loss supplements, caffeine is the core ingredient. It is known that it helps to enhance metabolism, and therefore, helps to burn fat naturally. In some research studies, people who had caffeine intake showed effective weight loss. Common side effects are sleeplessness and anxiety.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

It is the extract of a small green color fruit. This active component garcinia Cambogia extract is found in various best weight loss pills. So, the pills which contain Garcinia Cambogia extract works on the brain chemical, which sends a signal to the brain due to, which you feel full and eat less. In simple words, this extract reduces your cravings and appetite. The common side effect is indigestion.

Ketones in raspberry

Raspberry is a small fruit, which appears red. It contains ketones, however, these ketones are believed to help lose some weight. In the market, the synthetic ketones are used in some best weight loss pills. Although there is no enough evidence about the raspberry ketones, studies are still going on.

These were five commonly used active components in the best weight loss pills. Remember, people who are not obese or overweight should not take these medications or supplements; it may cause some serious health issues. Some medicines such as Xenical are prescription-based; therefore, consult your physician before taking this drug.

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