Five Common ITAD Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Both individual and professional users replace their outdated computers to stay updated with the latest technology and improve their productivity. However, this need for upgrade creates a challenge in managing and disposing of the old electronics properly. Many ITAD companies Chicago have taken the responsibility of retiring obsolete IT in a responsible, safe, and eco-friendly way. Their service includes everything from transportation, data destruction, and equipment testing to de-manufacturing, reporting, recycling, and remarketing.

When your IT data is not managed effectively, you become exposed to environmental concerns, unnecessary costs, and legal risks. These are five common mistakes that most businesses make.

1.      Not Employing TPV (Third-Party Verification)

This simple mistake can lead to data breaches. When a business leaves the process of equipment disposition to a single employee, it opens up the company to potential fraud or theft. TPV is effective in preventing such issues and holding the vendor accountable for any such happening. By implementing a chain of custody validation, TPV creates accountability and no one can claim that they had no information that the equipment was missing.

2.      Not Using Disposal Tags

Disposal tags are a great way to avoid theft and create a chain of custody. You cannot rely on serial numbers alone for the security of your confidential data. Disposal tags enhance tracking accuracy by as much as 99%. They are also effective in deterring theft. No one will try to steal an asset that they know will be tracked. Disposal tags help in making a clear chain of validation custody for retired equipment, something that cannot be achieved with serial numbers alone. Simply putting tags can prevent issues, streamline ITAD, and save money.

3.      Not Securing or Destroying the Data

If your equipment contains confidential data, its theft can be devastating for your organization. Assign a team of employees who will ensure that every piece of data is deleted and is fit for disposition. The longer you allow the equipment to linger, the higher the chances that your data may be stolen.ITAD disposition companies Chicagouse specialized erasure software to completely destroy data saved on your disk. Remove all non-working drivers and destroy them physically using a hammer or hard drive crusher. Finally, documents the data destruction.

4.      Not Comparing ITAD companies Chicago

Getting bids from multiple ITAD disposition companies Chicago will not only maximize value but also promote service excellence. A little competition can be extremely helpful in making the right decision.Relying on a single vendor leads to subpar service and unnecessary risk. Remembers, ITAD is a complete process and a single failure point is risky. An effective strategy would be to work with several vendors to find the best IT asset disposition solution Chicago.

5.      Not Auditing Bills and Settlement Reports

It is not uncommon for invoices of ITAD disposition companies Chicago to contain errors, and most of the time they are not in your favor. Whenever you receive the bill or settlement report from your vendor, read it thoroughly and check if there are any errors in it. If there are, talk to your service provider and have them corrected.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure the safety of your sensitive data and get responsibly rid of your old equipment.COM2 Recycling Solutions is an established company offeringIT asset disposition solution Chicago for years. When it’s time to dispose of your old equipment, get in touch with us and leave the rest to us.

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