Five Essential Factors to Consider when Choosing an Chemical Supplier

Chemicals make the world work. An excellent wholesale chemical supplier can boost your chemical business by helping you satisfy your customers’ specific needs. From homes to health care centers, hotels, restaurants, and laboratories, suitable chemical suppliers are essential to getting the right chemicals for the job.


Buying directly from a chemical supplier means you can enjoy bulk discounts. 

And, of course, you can order specific quantities or a particular chemical-grade you wouldn’t as easily find at the local chemicals store. 


The global specialty chemicals market will grow at a 5.0% CAGR from 2020 through 2027 to $953.9 billion—from $711 billion in 2019. 

So, it is only natural the industry has and continues to attract more chemical suppliers. 

And that can make it a tough call to choose the best wholesale chemical supplier for your needs.

So, what to do?

Here’s a quick guide.


Confirm the wholesale chemical supplier has a good reputation


While choosing the company you want to be your supplier, consider how well it has served customers in your industry with needs similar to yours. 

Can you find any professional recommendations from other players in other industries that have enjoyed the chemical supplier’s services?

That would be a good sign that you have a quality-conscious supplier you can trust to fulfill your chemicals supply needs.  


It also matters if the chemical supplier has been in operation for years.


Longevity in the industry means the supplier has established long-lasting relations with their ingredients’ suppliers, financiers, and customers.

Experienced players tend to have their supply chain, production methods, and chemical storage systems well established.

What that points to is the supplier is much more likely to provide quality, affordable, and timely chemicals so you can do what you do without production interruptions and low-quality concerns.    


Choose quality first and foremost.


When it comes to chemicals, consistency is a virtue. 

If a vendor keeps changing their chemical catalog, it could be because they are not as good at handling chemicals as you’d need them to be. 


Here’s the thing:

Quality wholesale chemical suppliers also have the safest and up-to-date chemical handling equipment and storage facilities. 


They have to have both to help preserve their chemicals’ intended conditions, including temperature and viscosity.  


Choose a supplier whose quality is consistent. 

You do not want your customers associating you with inferior products or services because your supplier messed up.


Look for speed and flexibility, too.


Also, go for a flexible and fast supplier who will help you respond quickly to changing customers’ demands, emergencies, and quick turn-around orders.

You have production and customer deadlines to beat. You do not want to lose days due to delivery delays.

Of course, speed should not come at the expense of following all applicable safety procedures for transporting, offloading, and storing chemicals.


Exceptional customer service matters, too.


Having the best customer service, you don’t have to worry about raising concerns and complaining if the last batch they delivered had a problem.

It would help if you also considered having a supplier who communicates clearly. 

Having clear communication with your supplier ensures a good working relationship. In case of late delivery, your supplier should communicate early in advance and be honest.


Ask for a quote


Although chemical ingredients do not vary, wholesale chemical prices vary across suppliers.


Several factors play a role in that pricing diversity, including whether specialty transportation and handling are included.


So, the deal is in the details. 


Look beyond the final price and more into what is included in that price. 

With these six tips, you have a smarter way to choose the best wholesale chemical supplier. 

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