Five Foods to Avoid Giving Your Pet Birds

Many human foods that you may think are 100% healthier for your pet birds are not so in fact. Shockingly, some may turn out to be the dangerous pick for your pet bird to overindulge in. When you give these foods, which seemed to be ‘HEALTHIER’ to you, you’re serving potentially unhealthier diet to your feathered companions.

Let’s unpack here FIVE major unhealthier foods to avoid for your birdies.


Dried Fruits

You may be wondering – what’s wrong with dried fruits, aren’t they rich source of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Absolutely, right! But, they are packed with sulfur dioxide as a food preservative that usually presents in a variety of dried fruits like raisins, dried apricots and prunes. This preservative gives it a longer shelf life, and undoubtedly, sugar is also coated on some dried fruits like cranberries. Sulfur dioxide and sugar are harmful for your bird.

Wheat Bread

Not all bread is made the same. Usually, people get mislead by cheap marketing strategies as white bread been disguised in the name of wheat bread. Normally, the wheat bread is same as the white bread- the difference is just the color. In fact, wheat bread also means that is processed white bread with just a smidge of wheat flour.


For almost all pet bird owners, Granola seems to be a healthier choice for their feathery pal. No doubt, it’s a traditional mix infused with nuts, dried fruits and rolled oats – delicacies that has run through ages for parrots. But, you must not be aware of the fact that the commercial Granola are packed with sugar and calories. Better go for Granola choices which have low calories and low sugar. Some are found in bin-style at some avian retail stores, such that your bird can have his/her own healthier version of granola.

Microwave Popcorn

It’s a love for all – humans as well as birds. Due to that big crunch, no doubt, your bird is attracted to it, especially when seeing you munching those corns. While Popcorn is a good option for your birdie but there is definitely difference better microwave popcorn variety and one that you pop your own kernels. Through research it has been seen that microwave particles are present in popcorn popped out through microwave. Hence, popcorn treats available commercially especially for birds, is a way better option.

Sugary Cereal

From children to grown-ups, everyone loves to munch on that morning cereal breakfast and your birds too cherish it. But, before you handover, that fistful of shredded wheat, just have a look at the sugar content. It can be a lot of calories compared to your bird’s weight. The better, healthier alternative is to bring them their own crunch.

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