Five Important Factors to Consider When Making Product Labels

Product labels are one of the most important elements of product packaging. These labels will not only give them information about your product but it will also help you create an attractive and impactful brand image.

Hence, you must be very careful when you are choosing the product label for your product. Here are a few pointers that will help you in choosing the right self-adhesive labels (zelfklevende etiketten) for your product.

  • What is it being applied on? Always consider your packaging material before choosing a product label. It would be great if your product label and packaging goes well together.
  • What environments do the Labels need to survive? Consider the complete lifecycle of the label. What are all the environments that it will have to go through? What temperature and moisture will the label experience?
  • How is it being applied? There are two ways labels can be applied – by hand or by machine. Deciding the right label material depends on which application you can access. Whether you apply by hand or by machine depend on what facilities and resources you have access to.
  • What is the Shape of the Product? The shape of the product container must also be accounted for. When deciding the right label material, you have to consider whether the container is curved, flat, round, etc. The shape of the label must also match with the product or thing that they are applied on.
  • Which label printing company are you hiring? Lastly, you must choose a professional and experienced label printing company. This will ensure smooth and accurate printing, timely delivery, and high-quality.

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Montferland Etikettendruk BV is a trusted company that is known to manufacture blank labels (blanco etiketten) and more.

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